The following table shows the 80 highest rated thriller and horror movies with no more than 25,000 ratings on IMDb. By excluding movies with more than 25,000 votes we hope to provide a diverse list of horror and thriller movies that are relatively unknown to most people.

Our overall ratings for each movie are calculated as as average of each movies’ Metacritic score, Rotten Tomatoes critic and audience rating, IMDb rating, and Letterboxd rating. Due to a lack of Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes scores for many older movies, only films released from the year 1999 onwards are included.

Non-English-language movies are listed in italics. You might also be interested in the top foreign horror films from around the world.

The Wailing2016Horror/Mystery818080757678.4
Under the Shadow2016Horror848078707276.8
A Girl Walks Home
Alone at Night
The Love Witch2016Horror/Comedy817776697275
Why Don't You Play in Hell?2013Thriller/Comedy687176727672.6
The Square2008Thriller757370686870.8
Hounds of Love2016Horror/Thriller727372676970.8
The Devil's Candy2015Horror727572676870.8
Red White & Blue2010Horror/Thriller816870646870.2
Personal Shopper2016Thriller/Mystery777164637070.2
The Lure2015Horror/Comedy726876656970.0
Three... Extremes2004Horror666874716869.4
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale2010Horror/Fantasy717072676669.2
Berberian Sound Studio2012Horror807164626668.6
Nina Forever2015Horror/Comedy758068566468.6
Behind the Mask:
The Rise of Leslie Vernon
Ripley's Game2003ThrillerN/A7268676668.3
Sound of My Voice2011Thriller/Mystery676970676868.2
He Never Died2015Horror/Comedy726972646468.2
Cheap Thrills2013Thriller636972686868.0
A Field in England2014Horror/Drama737266636668.0
Tale of Tales2015Horror/Fantasy726968646667.8
Cold Fish2010Horror/Thriller665972717067.6
Kairo (Pulse)2001Horror706866666867.6
Lake Mungo2008Horror/DramaN/A7468616667.3
Julia's Eyes2010Thriller/MysteryN/A6670676667.3
Witching and Bitching2013Horror/Comedy736668646467.0
Dead Snow 2:
Red vs. Dead
The Eyes of My Mother2016Horror/Drama646868636866.2
Cop Car2015Thriller667064626665.6
In My Skin2002Horror/Drama686070636665.4
The Final Girls2015Horror/Comedy596272676665.2
The Happiness of the Katakuris2002Horror/Comedy606258727264.8
The Conspiracy2012Horror/ThrillerN/A6570646064.8
We Are What We Are2013Horror717062586264.6
I Am Not a Serial Killer2016Horror/Thriller546772626664.2
Dead End2003Thriller/MysteryN/A6166676264.0
Some Guy Who Kills People2011Horror/ComedyN/A6070646264.0
We Are Still Here2015Horror657264576063.6
The Eclipse2009Horror/Romance676760626263.6
Enduring Love2004Thriller/Drama616266646463.4
Ils (Them)2007Horror/Thriller606068656463.4
The Signal2007Horror/Thriller615966636462.6
100 Bloody Acres2012Horror/Comedy636562606262.4
The Blackcoat's Daughter2015Horror/Mystery686262566462.4
The Taking of Deborah Logan2014HorrorN/A6662606062.0
Tell Me Something1999Horror/Crime615564666462.0
The Woman2011Horror586366616262.0
The Children2008HorrorN/A6562606061.8
The Dark Hours2005Horror/Thriller635864616261.6
The Void2016Horror625964586160.8
I Sell The Dead2008Horror/Comedy625962616060.8
In Fear2013Horror/Thriller666858555660.6
The Bay2012Horror/Mystery656660565660.6
Banshee Chapter2013Horror626460625460.4
The Harvest2013Horror/Thriller685662605660.4
Black Sheep2006Horror/Comedy626362585660.2
The Canal2014Horror/Thriller556064596260.0
What We Become2015Horror606656585859.6
The Perfect Host2010Thriller/Comedy485168686259.4
Bad Milo2013Horror/Comedy625962575659.2

Current Top 10

1. The Wailing (78.4) [Imdb] [Rotten Tomatoes] [Where’s The Jump?]

The Wailing is a South Korean horror movie that combines elements of the crime procedural, exoricsm, and zombie subgenres. The Wailing follows a police officer investigating a mysterious sickness that causes residents of his small town to go on a murderous rampage. Could a mysterious man seen around the villiage provide the answers?

This gem went under the radar somewhat as it was overshadowed by the more popular South Korean movie Train To Busan which was also released in 2016. At two and a half hours in length, The Wailing is a long, but rewarding watch.

2. Raw (77.2) [Imdb] [Rotten Tomatoes] [Where’s The Jump?]

This Belgian/French co-production made headlines last year after several people reportedly passed out during festival screenings. Beyond the queasy scenes of cannibalism however lies a deeply moving film that tackles issues such as living up to family and societal expectations, sexuality, and fear of the unknown. This is writer/director Julia Ducournau’s first feature film and she is undoubtedly a director to look out for in the future.

3. Under The Shadow (76.8) [Imdb] [Rotten Tomatoes]

Iranian film that appeared on many critics’ top year-end lists for 2016. Babak Anvar’s debut feature length film follows a mother, Shideh, and daughter, Dorsa, who are struggling to cope with life in 1980s Tehran after the Iranian Revolution. One day a missile strikes their building causing a large crack to open in the ceiling and soon after, Dorsa comes to believe that a malevolent spirit has taken residence in their house. Under The Shadow was one of the most critically acclaimed movies of 2016 and provides some insight into life in 1980s Iran as well as providing some genuine chills.

4. A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (76.2) [Imdb] [Rotten Tomatoes] [Where’s The Jump?]

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night is the second Iranian horror film on our list. It is a beautifully shot film that is heavy on style and atmosphere and although there is very little dialogue or action in this film, it is still a thought provoking film that explores themes such as feminism, revenge, and loneliness.

5. The Love Witch (75) [Imdb] [Rotten Tomatoes]

The Love Witch is something of a homage to sexploitation films of the 1960s and 1970s. It is a horror/thriller about a beautiful young woman who seduces a string of men with a vast array of spells and potions before killing them when they inevitably disappoint her. Critics praised the cinematography and overall look of the film although some found the plot didn’t justify its two hour run time.

6. Marshland (74.8) [Imdb] [Rotten Tomatoes]

A Spanish crime thriller with a tone and atmosphere that many have compared to the TV series True Detective. Two ideologically different detectives are sent to a small town to investigate the disappearance of two teenage sisters. Marshland cleaned up at the Goya Awards in 2015 (which honors the best Spanish films of the previous year).

7. Why Don’t You Play In Hell (72.6) [Imdb] [Rotten Tomatoes]

From Japanese director Sion Sono (Suicide Club, Love Exposure, Cold Fish), Why Don’t You Play in Hell? is a bloody and over the top action film about two rival Yakuza clans.

8. Ink (72.5) [Imdb] [Rotten Tomatoes]

Ink is a supernatural fantasy film about spirits who fight for control over people’s souls while they dream. Director Jamin Winans has been called a low budget Christopher Nolan as he manages to translate big ideas into easy to follow films. Unfortunately at times the limited budget shows, particularly with some of the acting and special effects however Ink is still worth a watch due to the sheer inventiveness of the director.

9. Taxidermia (72.4) [Imdb] [Rotten Tomatoes]

A Hungarian/Austrian production, Taxidermia is a truly bizarre film that is difficult to sum up in a single paragraph. It is an epic surrealist comedy/drama/horror film that spans several decades from the Second World War to present day. Some of the bizarre elements of the movie include sex with animals, competitive speed eating, and autotaxidermy (a man performing taxidermy on himself).

10. The Square (70.8) [Imdb] [Rotten Tomatoes]

One of the better neo-noir films of the 2000s, The Square is a criminally underrated Australian film about a man called Ray, who plans to run off with his lover’s husband’s drug money goes horribly awry. The Square is written by well known actor Joel Edgerton and directed by his brother Nash.

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