The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Hold it Steady! Found Footage Horror 

The Revival of Found Footage At the turn of the 21st Century, a brilliantly simple low-budget film was made. Three student filmmakers, searching for clues to an urban legend. Wandering in the Black Hills of Maryland, the trio goes missing. After their equipment is discovered, the footage reveals a terrifying … Continue reading

Midsommar (2019)

Psychological Horror: Madness & Mindgames

The “Psycho” in Psychological Horror Movies What makes a “psycho” in a psychological horror film so memorable? We find psychotic characters so fascinating. Interestingly, a sociopath is groomed to be difficult and manipulative. Psychopaths are born. What seems like an innocent summer getaway to a village of the sun, flowers, … Continue reading

Body Horror. How Repulsive!

Click HERE To Join Our Weekly Email List  Click HERE To Become A Site Contributor Body Horror. How Repulsive! The Invention of Body Horror   Inventor Thomas Edison was a man of many talents. Most people don’t know he was also a movie producer. No surprise, his films were made … Continue reading

Chucky And Andy (Alex Vincent) In Child's Play (1988) Movie Screenshot

Do you love scary horror movies? Find out why

I love scary horror movies. As a kid, I was always instructed to go with a friend but had to be chaperoned by an older sibling. The narrative with my parents was that we were “going to see” a Muppets movie or Disney classic. Speaking to a G-rated film didn’t … Continue reading