A ghost playing piano

Unforgettable Horror Movie Music

Was it the Movie or the Music?                                 Unforgettable horror movie music; it makes you jump out of your seat, shout uncontrollably, or squeeze all the life, blood, and feeling out of the person’s hand next to you. Above all, it’s what good horror films strive to impart. To shroud us … Continue reading

The Wolfman (2010) Screenshot

The Worst Horror Remakes 

Yuck! This Horror Remake is Awful… The worst horror remakes. In fact, throughout the history of cinema, critics and fans alike have often stated that a horror film “is so bad it’s good. You have to see it!” If you’re guilty of falling into the dud-turned-cult-classic horror movie trap, don’t worry, all is … Continue reading

Horror Remakes – Magnificent or Shameful?

The Horror Remake Code of Conduct Horror remakes can provoke a considerable amount of eyebrow-raising. The critical fallout of a modern horror remake can be a swift brutal blow to the director, actors, and studio. It can end the movie’s run within a week of opening. The original black and … Continue reading