The table below shows the movies in our database where a characters actions are motivated primarily by revenge.

Movie NameDirectorYearJump
Jump Scare
Cape FearMartin Scorsese19914oneandahalfstar 1.5Yes7.3
CarrieBrian De Palma19761halfstar 0.5No7.4
CarrieKimberly Peirce20134One Star 1No5.9
CyberbullyBen Chanan20151One Star 1No7.0
EllePaul Verhoeven20167twostar 2No7.3
MartyrsPascal Laugier200815threestar 3No7.1
Nocturnal AnimalsTom Ford20161One Star 1No7.7
The GiftJoel Edgerton20155oneandahalfstar 1.5No7.1
The Last House on the LeftDennis Iliadis20094halfstar 0.5No6.6
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