Do you love being on the edge of your seat throughout a movie? The following movies are rated at least 4 out of 5 for jump scare frequency and intensity.

Movie NameDirectorYearImdbNetflix
Jump Scare
AloneBanjong Pisanthanakun &
Parkpoom Wongpoom
20076.6No21fourandahalfstar 4.5
Banshee ChapterBlair Erickson20135.5No22fivestar 5
Blair WitchAdam Wingard20165.2No18fourstar 4
CandymanBernard Rose19926.6No16fourstar 4
Dead SilenceJames Wan20076.2Yes15fourstar 4
Deliver Us From EvilScott Derrickson20146.2No16fourstar 4
DemonicWill Canon20155.3No17fourstar 4
Drag Me To HellSam Raimi20096.6No23fourandahalfstar 4.5
Evil DeadFede Alvarez20136.5No20fourstar 4
Evil Dead IISam Raimi19877.8No27fourstar 4
Freddy vs. JasonRonny Yu20035.8No24fourstar 4
Friday the 13thMarcus Nispel20095.6No23fourstar 4
Friend RequestSimon Verhoeven20165.5No21fourstar 4
Grave EncountersColin Minihan &
Stuart Ortiz
20116.1No12fourstar 4
InsidiousJames Wan20106.8No24fivestar 5
Insidious: Chapter 2James Wan20136.6No22fourstar 4
Insidious: Chapter 3Leigh Whannell20156.1No15fourstar 4
Lights OutDavid F. Sandberg20166.9No19fourandahalfstar 4.5
MirrorsAlexandre Aja20086.2No15fourstar 4
OuijaStiles White20144.4No16fourstar 4
Ouija: Origin of EvilMike Flanagan20166.6No18fourstar 4
PandorumChristian Alvart20096.8No13fourstar 4
Paranormal Activity 3Henry Joost &
Ariel Schulman
20115.9No20fourstar 4
Paranormal Activity 4Henry Joost &
Ariel Schulman
20124.6No21fourstar 4
Paranormal Activity:
The Ghost Dimension
Gregory Plotkin20154.6No29fourstar 4
PoltergeistGil Kenan20155.0No21fourstar 4
Scream 2Wes Craven19976.1Yes19fourstar 4
Scream 3Wes Craven20005.5No23fourstar 4
ShutterBanjong Pisanthanakun &
Parkpoom Wongpoom
20047.1No11fourstar 4
Silent Hill: RevelationMichael J. Bassett20125.0No22fourstar 4
SinisterScott Derrickson20126.8No17fivestar 5
Sinister 2CiarĂ¡n Foy20155.2No19fourstar 4
The Amityville HorrorAndrew Douglas20056.0Yes16fourstar 4
The ConjuringJames Wan20137.5No12fourstar 4
The Conjuring 2James Wan20167.8No22fivestar 5
The CraziesBreck Eisner20106.6No18fourstar 4
The DenZachary Donohue20136.1Yes14fourstar 4
The DescentNeil Marshall20057.2No16fourstar 4
The Evil DeadSam Raimi19817.6No22fourstar 4
The GallowsTravis Cluff &
Chris Lofing
20154.2No21fourstar 4
The GrudgeTakashi Shimizu20045.9No23fourstar 4
The Haunting in ConnecticutPeter Cornwell20095.9No26fourandahalfstar 4.5
The Haunting in Connecticut 2:
Ghosts of Georgia
Tom Elkins20135.3No32fivestar 5
The Lazarus EffectDavid Gelb20155.2Yes18fourandahalfstar 4.5
The Quiet OnesJohn Pogue20145.1No23fourstar 4
The StrangersBryan Bertino20086.2No16fourandahalfstar 4.5
The WardJohn Carpenter20105.6Yes15fourstar 4
The Woman in BlackJames Watkins20126.5No16fourstar 4
The Woman in Black 2:
Angel of Death
Tom Harper
20144.9Yes14fourstar 4
Them (Ils)David Moreau &
Xavier Palud
20066.5No16fourstar 4
Urban LegendJamie Blanks19985.5No17fourstar 4
V/H/S/2Various Directors20136.1Yes14fourstar 4
ViralHenry Joost &
Ariel Schulman
20165.6No20fourstar 4
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