Jump Scares in American Horror Stories (Season 1)

American Horror Stories (Season 1) screenshot
American Horror Stories (Season 1) screenshot
American Horror Stories (Season 1) screenshot
American Horror Stories (Season 1) screenshot

See below for the exact times and descriptions of the 37 jump scares in American Horror Stories, which has a jump scare rating of 3.0.

Jump Scare Rating: The episodes vary in jumpiness, but the jump-scares are often minor.

Synopsis: An episodic anthology spin-off series for the renowned American Horror Story, featuring seven new stories: Rubber (Wo)man parts one and two, Drive In, The Naughty List, Ba’al, Feral, and Game Over.

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Jump Scares: 37 (1 major, 36 minor)

Episodes: 7

Reviews: IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes

Rating: TVMA

Netflix (US): No

WARNING: The jump scare descriptions listed below may contain minor spoilers

Jump Scare Times

—Episode 1—

00:29:03 – The therapist turns around and sees the rubber woman standing in front of her, who suddenly attacks.

00:42:04 – The door suddenly shuts on its own behind the girls, causing a loud bang.

00:43:59 – As the girls look under a pile of objects, Thaddeus lunges towards them.

00:44:32 – As one of the girls runs away, she shines the flashlight on Thaddeus who startles her.


—Episode 2—

00:09:27 – The ghost of the therapist suddenly appears in front of Scarlett.

00:09:39 – The therapist is suddenly stabbed through the chest.

00:11:30 – There is an abrupt cut from Troy and Michael talking to Michael pulling back a shower curtain and the pig mask killer jumping out at him.

00:20:07 – The contractor shines the flashlight into the darkness and there is a cut to Maya’s rotting corpse.

00:22:13 – The contractor opens the door and there is a cut to the rubber man standing outside.

00:22:32 – Michael and Troy run into the ghost of Martin.

00:25:01 – Scarlett turns around and runs into the ghost of the contractor.

00:28:22 – Scarlett turns around and Ruby is standing right in front of her in a mask.

00:34:36 – As Scarlett walks through a haunted house, an actor with a chainsaw jumps out at her.

00:34:44 – Another haunted house actor jumps out at Scarlett.

00:36:34 – There is an abrupt cut as Ruby appears in front of Scarlett.


—Episode 3—

00:12:16 – A cinema employee leans down at the window, startling Chad.

00:21:40 – The car window suddenly shatters as someone jumps in and grabs Chad.

00:24:39 – Kelley is suddenly grabbed by the zombified projectionist.

00:29:28 – Quinn suddenly lunges at Chad.


—Episode 4—

00:24:18 – Wyatt is suddenly grabbed on the mouth.


—Episode 5—

00:08:31 – Liv turns around and is startled by Matt standing in front of her in scary make-up.

00:11:46 – Liv looks at the baby monitor and there is a cut to a demon reaching out for the baby.

00:18:39 – There is a sudden loud noise from a boiler as Liv walks around the basement.

00:19:15 – The pipe suddenly drops down, startling Liv.

00:32:39 – As the camera cuts back from Liv to the window, the demon is standing outside and screeches.


—Episode 6—

00:05:05 – The shadowy silhouette of someone suddenly runs across outside the tent.

00:16:50 – Accompanied by a sound cue, two people camouflaged into the trees suddenly turn to face the group as they leave the shot.

00:25:06 – One of the corpses springs back up and attacks Birch.


—Episode 7—

00:02:40 – The woman opens her eyes and there is a cut to the rubber man standing right in front of her.

00:05:36 – A sudden noise startles the couple.

00:06:31 – The seemingly dead nurse suddenly gasps and bounces upwards.

00:07:20 – Thaddeus passes by in the background accompanied by a sound cue.

00:08:46 – There is a cut to the man in the pig mask standing right next to the girls.

00:09:29 – Thaddeus runs by, startling the girls.

00:10:11 – The man is suddenly shot in the head while running.

00:37:13 – Michelle is suddenly stabbed from behind.

00:44:28 – A hand slowly strokes Scarlett’s shoulder and suddenly pulls her.

(Major jump scares in bold)

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