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Movie NameDirectorYearJump
Jump Scare
10 Cloverfield LaneDan Trachtenberg20168twoandahalfstar 2.5No7.3
28 Days LaterDanny Boyle200310threestar 3No7.6
28 Weeks LaterJuan Carlos Fresnadillo200717threeandahalfstar 3.5No7.0
30 Days of NightDavid Slade20079twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.6
31Rob Zombie20168twoandahalfstar 2.5No5.8
47 Meters DownJohannes Roberts201711threestar 3Yes5.7
1408Mikael Håfström20078threestar 3No6.8
1922Zak Hilditch20172One Star 1Yes6.5
A Cure for WellnessGore Verbinski20166 1.5No6.5
A Ghost StoryDavid Lowery20173One Star 1No7.0
A Girl Walks Home Alone at NightAna Lily Amirpour20140nostars 0No7.1
A Nightmare on Elm StreetWes Craven198411twoandahalfstar 2.5No7.5
A Nightmare on Elm StreetSamuel Bayer201015threestar 3No5.2
A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's RevengeJack Sholder19858twostar 2No5.3
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream WarriorsChuck Russell198711twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.5
A Quiet PlaceJohn Krasinski201814fourstar 4No7.8
A Tale of Two SistersJee-woon Kim200314threestar 3No7.3
AbsentiaMike Flanagan20118twostar 2No5.8
AlienRidley Scott197911twoandahalfstar 2.5No8.5
Alien: CovenantRidley Scott20176twostar 2No6.7
Alien 3David Fincher199212twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.4
Alien: ResurrectionJean-Pierre Jeunet19979threestar 3No6.3
AliensJames Cameron198613threestar 3No8.4
AloneBanjong Pisanthanakun, Parkpoom Wongpoom200721fourandahalfstar 4.5No6.6
Altered StatesKen Russell 19802halfstar 0.5No6.9
Amityville: The AwakeningFranck Khalfoun201711threestar 3No5.2
AmnesiacMichael Polish20151halfstar 0.5No4.3
An American Werewolf in LondonJames Landis198114threestar 3No7.6
An American Werewolf in ParisAnthony Waller199711twoandahalfstar 2.5No5.1
AnacondaLuis Llosa19979twostar 2No4.6
AnnaJorge Dorado20135One Star 1No6.5
AnnabelleJohn R. Leonetti201411threeandahalfstar 3.5No5.4
Annabelle: CreationDavid F. Sandberg201723fourandahalfstar 4.5No6.8
AnnihilationAlex Garland20184 1.5Yes7.8
Apollo 18Gonzalo López-Gallego201110threestar 3No5.2
ApostleGareth Evans20185 1.5Yes6.6
Army of DarknessSam Raimi19929 2No7.6
ArrivalDenis Villeneuve20163halfstar 0.5No7.3
As Above, So BelowJohn Erick Dowdle20147threestar 3Yes6.1
Attack the BlockJoe Cornish201112threestar 3No6.6
AuditionTakashi Miike19991halfstar 0.5No7.2
BackcountryAdam MacDonald20144halfstar 0.5Yes6.0
BacktrackMichael Petroni201514threeandahalfstar 3.5No5.9
Banshee ChapterBlair Erickson201322fivestar 5No5.5
Before I WakeMike Flanagan20169threestar 3Yes6.1
Berberian Sound StudioPeter Strickland20120nostars 0No6.2
Berlin SyndromeCate Shortland20171halfstar 0.5No6.3
Better Watch OutChris Peckover201611twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.9
Black ChristmasBob Clark19744 1.5No7.2
Black SwanDarren Aronofsky201010threestar 3No8.0
BladeStephen Norrington19981onestar 1No7.1
Blair WitchAdam Wingard201618 4No5.0
Bone TomahawkS. Craig Zahler20150nostars 0No7.1
Bram Stoker's DraculaFrancis Ford Coppola19921halfstar 0.5No7.5
Bride of ChuckyRonny Yu199811twostar 2No5.3
Cabin FeverEli Roth200210twoandahalfstar 2.5Yes5.6
CamDaniel Goldhaber20181halfstar 0.5Yes6.0
CandymanBernard Rose199216fourstar 4No6.6
Cape FearMartin Scorsese19914oneandahalfstar 1.5No7.3
CargoBen Howling, Yolanda Ramke20172halfstar 0.5Yes6.8
CarrieBrian De Palma19761halfstar 0.5No7.4
CarrieKimberly Peirce20134One Star 1No5.9
Case 39Christian Alvart20099twostar 2No6.2
Cat PeopleJacques Tourneur19422One Star 1No7.4
CellTod Williams20165twostar 2No4.3
Chernobyl DiariesBradley Parker201216threeandahalfstar 3.5Yes5.0
Children of the CornFritz Kiersch19848threestar 3Yes5.6
Child's PlayTom Holland19888twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.5
CloverfieldMatt Reeves20087twostar 2No7.0
ClownJon Watts201411threestar 3Yes5.6
CootiesJonathan Milott, Cary Murnion201415threestar 3No5.8
CreepPatrick Kack-Brice201410threestar 3Yes6.2
Creep 2Patrick Brice20176twostar 2Yes6.3
Crimson PeakGuillermo del Toro20159twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.6
CubeVincenzo Natali19971halfstar 0.5Yes7.3
CujoLewis Teague19834One Star 1No6.0
Cult of ChuckyDon Mancini201714 3.5Yes5.2
CyberbullyBen Chanan20151One Star 1No7.0
Dark ShadowsTim Burton20122halfstar 0.5No6.2
Dark SkiesScott Stewart201311twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.3
Dark Was The NightJack Heller201416threestar 3No5.6
Dark WaterWalter Salles20057twostar 2No5.5
Dawn of the DeadZack Synder200410twostar 2No7.4
Day of the DeadGeorge A. Romero198510threestar 3No7.2
Dead AlivePeter Jackson19923One Star 1No7.6
Dead CalmPhillip Noyce19892One Star 1No6.8
Dead EndJean-Baptiste Andrea, Fabrice Canepa20039twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.7
Dead SilenceJames Wan200715fourstar 4No6.2
Death NoteAdam Wingard20176 1.5Yes4.6
DeathgasmJason Lei Howden20157twostar 2Yes6.3
Deep Blue SeaRenny Harlin199910twoandahalfstar 2.5Yes5.8
Deep RedDario Argento19757oneandahalfstar 1.5No7.7
Deliver Us From EvilScott Derrickson201416fourstar 4No6.2
DementiaMike Testin20150nostars 0Yes5.0
DemonicWill Canon201517fourstar 4Yes5.3
DevilJohn Erick Dowdle20104oneandahalfstar 1.5No6.3
Devil's DueMatt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett201413threestar 3No4.1
Devil's PassRenny Harlin201310twoandahalfstar 2.5No5.7
DismissedBenjamin Arfmann20170nostars 0No5.8
DisturbiaD.J. Caruso200713threestar 3No6.9
Dog SoldiersNeil Marshall200213threestar 3No6.8
Donnie DarkoRichard Kelly20013One Star 1Yes8.1
Don't Be Afraid of the DarkTroy Nixey20108threestar 3No5.6
Don't BreatheFede Alvarez201617threeandahalfstar 3.5No7.2
Don't Knock TwiceCaradog W. James201619 3.5No5.2
DoomAndrzej Bartkowiak200515threeandahalfstar 3.5Yes5.2
Dracula UntoldGary Shore20144One Star 1No6.3
Drag Me To HellSam Raimi200923fourandahalfstar 4.5No6.6
DreamcatcherLawrence Kasdan200311threestar 3Yes5.5
Eden LakeJames Watkins20083One Star 1No6.8
EllePaul Verhoeven20167twostar 2No7.3
EmelieMichael Thelin20153halfstar 0.5Yes5.4
Europa ReportSebastián Cordero20131halfstar 0.5Yes6.5
Event HorizonPaul W.S. Anderson199711threestar 3No6.7
Evil DeadFede Alvarez201320fourstar 4No6.5
Evil Dead IISam Raimi198727fourstar 4No7.8
Exorcist: The BeginningRenny Harlin200417fourstar 4No5.1
ExtinctionMiguel Ángel Vivas201512threestar 3No5.8
ExtraterrestrialColin Minihan201430 4.5No5.0
Fear ClinicRobert Hall201413threestar 3No5.6
Final DestinationJames Wong20004twostar 2No6.7
Final Destination 2David R. Ellis20033One Star 1No6.2
Final Destination 3James Wong20065One Star 1No5.8
Final Destination 5Steven Quale20115oneandahalfstar 1.5No5.9
FlatlinersJoel Schumacher19907twostar 2No6.6
FlatlinersNiels Arden Oplev201720fourstar 4No5.0
FrailtyBill Paxton20010nostars 0No7.3
Freddy vs. JasonRonny Yu200324fourstar 4No5.8
Friday the 13thSean S. Cunningham198010threestar 3No6.5
Friday the 13thMarcus Nispel200923fourstar 4No5.6
Friend RequestSimon Verhoeven201621fourstar 4Yes5.4
Fright NightCraig Gillespie201110threestar 3No6.4
Funny GamesMichael Haneke19971halfstar 0.5No7.6
Funny GamesMichael Haneke20071halfstar 0.5No6.5
Gerald's GameMike Flanagan20173halfstar 0.5Yes7.1
Get OutJordan Peele201710twoandahalfstar 2.5No7.8
Ghost ShipSteve Beck200212threestar 3No5.5
Ghost StoriesJeremy Dyson, Andy Nyman201720fourstar 4No6.6
GhostlandPascal Laugier201821fourstar 4No6.3
Goodnight MommySeverin Fiala, Veronika Franz20141halfstar 0.5No6.7
GoosebumpsRob Letterman201510twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.4
GothikaMathieu Kassovitz200316threeandahalfstar 3.5No5.8
Grave EncountersColin Minihan, Stuart Ortiz201112fourstar 4No6.1
Green RoomJeremy Saulnier20151halfstar 0.5No7.2
GremlinsJoe Dante198417threeandahalfstar 3.5No7.2
HalloweenJohn Carpenter197813twoandahalfstar 2.5No7.9
HalloweenRob Zombie20079threestar 3No6.1
HalloweenDavid Gordon Green201814threeandahalfstar 3.5No7.5
Halloween H20: 20 Years LaterSteve Miner199816threeandahalfstar 3.5No5.6
Halloween IIRick Rosenthal19818twostar 2No6.5
Halloween IIRob Zombie200916threestar 3No4.9
HannibalRidley Scott20012halfstar 0.5No6.8
Hannibal RisingPeter Webber20070nostars 0No6.2
Happy Death DayChristopher Landon20178twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.7
HellboyGuillermo del Toro20046oneandahalfstar 1.5No6.8
HellraiserClive Barker19875twostar 2Yes7.1
Here AloneRod Blackhurst20162halfstar 0.5Yes5.6
HereditaryAri Aster20188twostar 2No8.1
HiddenMatt Duffer, Ross Duffer20154oneandahalfstar 1.5No6.4
Hide and SeekJohn Polson200516threeandahalfstar 3.5No5.9
High TensionAlexandre Aja20038twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.9
HolidaysVarious Directors20165twostar 2Yes5.1
Hollow ManPaul Verhoeven20009twoandahalfstar 2.5No5.7
HoneymoonLeigh Janiak20143halfstar 0.5No5.6
HornsAlexandre Aja20133halfstar 0.5No6.5
HostelEli Roth20052halfstar 0.5No5.9
Hounds of LoveBen Young20160nostars 0No6.6
Hour of the WolfIngmar Bergman19681halfstar 0.5No7.7
HouseSteve Miner198611threestar 3No6.2
House of 1000 CorpsesRob Zombie20036twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.0
House of WaxJaume Collet-Serra200516 4No5.3
House on Haunted HillWilliam Malone199914threestar 3No5.6
HushMike Flanagan20167twoandahalfstar 2.5Yes6.6
I Am LegendFrancis Lawrence20079twoandahalfstar 2.5No7.2
I Am Not a Serial KillerBilly O’Brien20163One Star 1Yes6.2
I Am the Pretty Thing
That Lives in the House
Oz Perkins20164halfstar 0.5Yes4.7
I Know What You Did
Last Summer
Jim Gillespie199713threeandahalfstar 3.5No5.6
IdentityJames Mangold200311twoandahalfstar 2.5No7.3
Idle HandsRodman Flender199910threestar 3No6.2
In The Mouth Of MadnessJohn Carpenter199410threestar 3No7.2
IncarnateBrad Peyton20169 2.5No5.1
Inland EmpireDavid Lynch20068twoandahalfstar 2.5No7.0
InsideAlexandre Bustillo, Julien Maury20074One Star 1No6.9
InsidiousJames Wan201024fivestar 5No6.8
Insidious: Chapter 2James Wan201322fourstar 4No6.6
Insidious: Chapter 3Leigh Whannell201515fourstar 4No6.1
Insidious: The Last KeyAdam Robitel201815fourstar 4No5.8
Interview With the VampireNeil Jordan19946twostar 2Yes7.6
IntrudersAdam Schindler20154One Star 1No5.7
Invasion of the Body SnatchersPhilip Kaufman19784One Star 1No7.4
ItAndy Muschietti201723fourstar 4No8.2
It Comes at NightTrey Edward Shults20175oneandahalfstar 1.5No6.8
It FollowsDavid Robert Mitchell20145twostar 2Yes6.9
Jacob's LadderAdrian Lyne19904One Star 1No7.5
JawsSteven Spielberg19754twoandahalfstar 2.5No8.1
Jeepers CreepersVictor Salva200111threeandahalfstar 3.5No6.1
Jennifer's BodyKaryn Kusama20096twostar 2No5.1
JessabelleKevin Greutert20149twostar 2No5.4
JigsawMichael Spierig, Peter Spierig20177twostar 2No6.3
Joy RideJohn Dahl20012halfstar 0.5No6.6
Julia's EyesGuillem Morales20107twostar 2No6.6
Jurassic ParkSteven Spielberg19939twoandahalfstar 2.5No8.1
Jurassic WorldColin Trevorrow20155twostar 2No7.0
Jurassic World: Fallen KingdomJ.A. Bayona20187twostar 2No6.5
Kill ListBen Wheatley20111halfstar 0.5No6.3
Knock KnockEli Roth20152halfstar 0.5No4.9
KrampusMichael Dougherty201510twostar 2No6.2
Lake MungoJoel Anderson20081halfstar 0.5No6.1
Lake PlacidSteve Miner199911twoandahalfstar 2.5No5.6
Last ShiftAnthony DiBlasi201417fourstar 4Yes5.7
LeatherfaceAlexandre Bustillo, Julien Maury201713threestar 3No5.2
Let Me InMatt Reeves20103halfstar 0.5No7.2
Let The Right One InTomas Alfredson20082halfstar 0.5No8.0
Let Us PreyBrian O’Malley20147threestar 3No5.6
LifeDaniel Espinosa20178twostar 2No6.8
Lights OutDavid F. Sandberg201619fourandahalfstar 4.5No6.4
Little EvilEli Craig20177oneandahalfstar 1.5Yes5.8
MaggieHenry Hobson20154halfstar 0.5No5.6
MalevolentOlaf de Fleur Johannesson20188threestar 3Yes4.8
MaliceHarold Becker19933One Star 1No6.4
MamaAndrés Muschietti201313threeandahalfstar 3.5No6.2
MandyPanos Cosmatos20185 1.5No6.9
MarrowboneSergio G. Sánchez20175twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.6
MartyrsPascal Laugier200815threestar 3No7.1
MayLucky McKee20020nostars 0No6.7
MayhemJoe Lynch20172halfstar 0.5No6.5
Megan Is MissingMichael Goi20111halfstar 0.5No4.9
MirrorsAlexandre Aja200815fourstar 4No6.2
MiseryRob Reiner19903halfstar 0.5No7.8
Mom and DadBrian Taylor20175oneandahalfstar 1.5No5.7
MorganLuke Scott20163halfstar 0.5No5.9
Mother!Darren Aronofsky20177twostar 2No7.0
Mulholland DriveDavid Lynch20011One Star 1No8.0
My Bloody ValentineGeorge Mihalka198111twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.2
My Friend DahmerMarc Meyers20170nostars 0No6.5
NerveHenry Joost, Ariel Schulman20161halfstar 0.5No6.7
Nocturnal AnimalsTom Ford20161One Star 1No7.5
Noroi: The CurseKôji Shiraishi20054One Star 1No7.0
OculusMike Flanagan201314threeandahalfstar 3.5Yes6.5
Odd ThomasStephen Sommers201310threestar 3No6.9
One Hour PhotoMark Romanek20021halfstar 0.5No6.8
One Missed CallEric Valette200815threeandahalfstar 3.5No3.9
Only Lovers Left AliveJim Jarmusch20130nostars 0No7.3
OrphanJaume Collet-Serra200912threestar 3No7.0
OuijaStiles White201416fourstar 4No4.4
Ouija: Origin of EvilMike Flanagan201618fourstar 4No6.1
OverlordJulius Avery201812twoandahalfstar 2.5No7.1
P2Franck Khalfoun200716fourstar 4No5.9
PandorumChristian Alvart200913fourstar 4No6.8
Pan's LabyrinthGuillermo del Toro20066 1.5No8.2
Paranormal ActivityOren Peli200710threeandahalfstar 3.5No6.3
Paranormal Activity 2Tod Williams201014threeandahalfstar 3.5No5.7
Paranormal Activity 3Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman201120fourstar 4No5.9
Paranormal Activity 4Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman201221fourstar 4No4.6
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost DimensionGregory Plotkin201529fourstar 4No4.6
Patient ZeroStefan Ruzowitzky20186oneandahalfstar 1.5No4.3
Pay The GhostUli Edel201513threestar 3Yes5.2
Personal ShopperOlivier Assayas20164halfstar 0.5No6.2
PetCarles Torrens20162One Star 1No5.7
Pet SemataryMary Lambert198913threeandahalfstar 3.5No6.6
Planet TerrorRobert Rodriguez200714twoandahalfstar 2.5No7.2
PoltergeistTobe Hooper19829One Star 1No7.4
PoltergeistGil Kenan201521fourstar 4No5.0
PontypoolBruce McDonald20081halfstar 0.5No6.7
PredatorJohn McTiernan19877twostar 2No7.8
PrevengeAlice Lowe20160halfstar 0.5No6.1
Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesBurr Steers20167 2No5.8
Prince of DarknessJohn Carpenter19877twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.7
PrometheusRidley Scott20127oneandahalfstar 1.5No7.0
PsychoAlfred Hitchcock19602halfstar 0.5No8.6
QuarantineJohn Erick Dowdle200814threeandahalfstar 3.5No6.0
RavenousAntonia Bird19994One Star 1No7.1
RawJulia Ducournau20163One Star 1Yes7.1
Re-AnimatorStuart Gordon19854One Star 1No7.3
[Rec]Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza200711threeandahalfstar 3.5No7.5
Red DragonBrett Ratner20026twostar 2No7.2
RegressionAlejandro Amenábar20153One Star 1No5.7
RepulsionRoman Polanski19657twoandahalfstar 2.5No7.8
Resident EvilPaul W.S. Anderson20027Two Star 2.5No6.7
Resident Evil: The Final ChapterPaul W.S. Anderson201629fourandahalfstar 4.5No5.6
ResolutionJustin Benson, Aaron Moorhead20122halfstar 0.5No6.2
RestorationZack Ward201610threestar 3No4.0
Ring (Ringu)Hideo Nakata19985twostar 2No7.3
RingsF. Javier Gutiérrez201719 3.5No4.5
Rosemary's BabyRoman Polanski19680nostars 0No8.0
SawJames Wan20045twostar 2No7.7
Saw IIDarren Lynn Bousman20055One Star 1No6.6
Saw IIIDarren Lynn Bousman20065oneandahalfstar 1.5No6.2
Saw IVDarren Lynn Bousman20076oneandahalfstar 1.5No5.9
Saw VDavid Hackl20085One Star 1No5.8
Saw VIKevin Greutert20092halfstar 0.5No6.0
Scary MovieKeenen Ivory Wayans20008oneandahalfstar 1.5No6.2
Scary Movie 2Keenen Ivory Wayans20018oneandahalfstar 1.5No5.3
ScreamWes Craven199619 3.5No7.2
Scream 2Wes Craven199719fourstar 4No6.1
Scream 3Wes Craven200023fourstar 4No5.5
Scream 4Wes Craven201118 3.5Yes6.2
Secret WindowDavid Koepp200410twostar 2No6.6
Session 9Brad Anderson20010nostars 0No6.5
SevenDavid Fincher19951halfstar 0.5No8.6
Shaun of the DeadEdgar Wright200413twoandahalfstar 2.5No8.0
ShutterBanjong Pisanthanakun, Parkpoom Wongpoom200411fourstar 4Yes7.1
Shutter IslandMartin Scorsese20109twostar 2No8.1
SignsM. Night Shyamalan20028twostar 2No6.7
Silent HillChristophe Gans20067oneandahalfstar 1.5No6.6
Silent Hill: RevelationMichael J. Bassett201222fourstar 4No5.0
Silver BulletDan Attias198515threestar 3No6.4
SinisterScott Derrickson201217fivestar 5No6.8
Sinister 2Ciarán Foy201519fourstar 4No5.2
Sleepaway CampRobert Hiltzik19836 1.5No6.3
Sleepy HollowTim Burton19991halfstar 0.5No7.4
Slender ManSylvain White201815 3.5No3.1
SlitherJames Gunn200610threestar 3No6.5
SlumberJonathan Hopkins201712threestar 3No4.9
SpeciesRoger Donaldson19957threestar 3No5.8
SphereBarry Levinson19984One Star 1No6.0
SplinterToby Wilkins200810threestar 3No6.1
SplitM. Night Shyamalan20163halfstar 0.5No7.3
SpringJustin Benson, Aaron Moorhead20141halfstar 0.5No6.6
Stake LandJim Mickle20101halfstar 0.5No6.5
Starry EyesKevin Kolsch, Dennis Widmyer20149twostar 2No6.0
StephanieAkiva Goldsman201718threestar 3No5.8
Stir of EchoesDavid Koepp19999threestar 3No7.0
Summer of 84Anouk Whissell, François Simard, Yoann-Karl Whissell201819fourstar 4No6.7
SunshineDanny Boyle20076oneandahalfstar 1.5No7.3
Super 8J.J. Abrams201115threeandahalfstar 3.5No7.1
SuspiriaDario Argento19776oneandahalfstar 1.5No7.5
Tales of HalloweenVarious Directors201514threestar 3Yes5.4
TerrifierDamien Leone201718 3.5Yes5.7
Texas Chainsaw 3DJohn Luessenhop201314threestar 3No4.8
The 9th Life of Louis DraxAlexandre Aja20164One Star 1No6.3
The AbandonedEytan Rockaway201521threeandahalfstar 3.5Yes5.0
The ABCs of DeathVarious Directors20120nostars 0Yes4.7
The AbyssJames Cameron19892halfstar 0.5No7.6
The Amityville HorrorStuart Rosenberg19798twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.2
The Amityville HorrorAndrew Douglas200516fourstar 4No6.0
The Atticus InstituteChris Sparling201513threeandahalfstar 3.5No5.4
The Autopsy of Jane DoeAndré Øvredal201612threestar 3No6.8
The BabadookJennifer Kent201411threestar 3Yes6.9
The BabysitterMcG20178 2.5Yes6.6
The BayBarry Levinson20128twoandahalfstar 2.5No5.6
The Belko ExperimentGreg McLean20168twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.2
The Blackcoat's DaughterOsgood Perkins20153halfstar 0.5No5.3
The Blair Witch ProjectDaniel Myrick, Eduardo Sánchez19990nostars 0No6.4
The Borderlands (Final Prayer)Elliot Goldner201312threestar 3No5.7
The BoyCraig Macneill20151halfstar 0.5No5.4
The BoyWilliam Brent Bell201611threestar 3Yes6.0
The BurningTony Maylam198121fourstar 4No6.5
The Butterfly EffectEric Bress, J. Mackye Gruber20044One Star 1No7.7
The Bye Bye ManStacy Title201713threestar 3No4.3
The Cabin In The WoodsDrew Goddard201213threestar 3No7.0
The CallBrad Anderson20138twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.7
The CanalIvan Kavanagh20144twostar 2No5.9
The ChangelingPeter Medak19807twostar 2No7.3
The Cloverfield ParadoxJulius Onah20188threestar 3Yes6.2
The CollectorMarcus Dunstan20092onestar 1No6.4
The ConjuringJames Wan201312fourstar 4Yes7.5
The Conjuring 2James Wan201622fivestar 5No7.4
The ConspiracyChristopher MacBride20121halfstar 0.5No6.4
The ConversationFrancis Ford Coppola19741halfstar 0.5No7.9
The CraftAndrew Fleming19964One Star 1No6.3
The CraziesBreck Eisner201018fourstar 4No6.6
The CrucifixionXavier Gens201719 4.5No5.0
The CuredDavid Freyne201716threestar 3No5.6
The DenZachary Donohue201314fourstar 4No6.1
The DescentNeil Marshall200516fourstar 4No7.2
The Devil InsideWilliam Brent Bell20128twoandahalfstar 2.5No4.1
The Devil's BackboneGuillermo del Toro20014oneandahalfstar 1.5No7.5
The Devil's CandySean Byrne20158twostar 2Yes6.7
The Devil's RejectsRob Zombie20050nostars 0No6.9
The Disappointments RoomD.J. Caruso20169 2.5Yes3.9
The EndlessJustin Benson, Aaron Moorhead20177twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.6
The Evil DeadSam Raimi198122fourstar 4No7.6
The Exorcism of Emily RoseScott Derrickson20058twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.7
The ExorcistWilliam Friedkin197310oneandahalfstar 1.5No8.0
The Exorcist IIIWilliam Peter Blatty199011twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.3
The EyeDanny Pang, Oxide Chun Pang 20025twostar 2No6.7
The Eyes of My MotherNicolas Pesce20160nostars 0Yes6.3
The FacultyRobert Rodriguez199811threestar 3No6.4
The Final DestinationDavid R. Ellis20094One Star 1No5.2
The Final GirlsTodd Strauss-Schulson20158oneandahalfstar 1.5No6.7
The First PurgeGerard McMurray20188twoandahalfstar 2.5No5.2
The FlyDavid Cronenberg19862halfstar 0.5No7.5
The FogJohn Carpenter198016 3.5No6.8
The ForestJason Zada201613threeandahalfstar 3.5No4.8
The ForgottenJoseph Ruben20047threestar 3No5.8
The GallowsTravis Cluff, Chris Lofing201521fourstar 4No4.2
The GiftJoel Edgerton20155oneandahalfstar 1.5No7.1
The Girl with All the GiftsColm McCarthy20163One Star 1No6.8
The Good NeighborKasra Farahani20167twostar 2Yes6.3
The Green InfernoEli Roth20134One Star 1No5.7
The GrudgeTakashi Shimizu200423fourstar 4No5.9
The GuestAdam Wingard20145oneandahalfstar 1.5No6.7
The HallowCorin Hardy201517threeandahalfstar 3.5No5.7
The HappeningM. Night Shyamalan20081halfstar 0.5No5.0
The HarvestJohn McNaughton20130nostars 0No5.9
The HauntingRobert Wise19633One Star 1No7.6
The Haunting in ConnecticutPeter Cornwell200926fourandahalfstar 4.5No5.9
The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of GeorgiaTom Elkins201332fivestar 5No5.3
The Hills Have EyesAlexandre Aja20069twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.4
The HoleNick Hamm20013halfstar 0.5No6.2
The House of the DevilTi West20094One Star 1No6.4
The House on Pine StreetAaron Keeling, Austin Keeling20155One Star 1No5.3
The House with a Clock in Its WallsEli Roth20188 1.5No6.2
The HowlingJoe Dante198110 2.5No6.6
The Human Centipede (First Sequence)Tom Six20094oneandahalfstar 1.5No4.4
The InnkeepersTi West20119twostar 2No5.5
The InnocentsJack Clayton19614halfstar 0.5No7.9
The InvitationKaryn Kusama20155One Star 1Yes6.6
The JacketJohn Maybury20056oneandahalfstar 1.5No7.1
The Killing of a Sacred DeerYorgos Lanthimos20173halfstar 0.5No7.6
The Last ExorcismDaniel Stamm20107twostar 2No5.6
The Last House on the LeftDennis Iliadis20094halfstar 0.5No6.6
The Lazarus EffectDavid Gelb201518fourandahalfstar 4.5Yes5.2
The Limehouse GolemJuan Carlos Medina20160nostars 0No6.4
The Love WitchAnna Biller20160nostars 0No6.2
The MegJon Turteltaub201818threeandahalfstar 3.5No6.1
The MessengersDanny Pang, Oxide Chun Pang200727 4.5No5.4
The Midnight Meat TrainRyûhei Kitamura20081halfstar 0.5No6.2
The MistFrank Darabont20075One Star 1No7.2
The MonsterBryan Bertino201611threestar 3No5.4
The Mothman PropheciesMark Pellington20024One Star 1No6.5
The MummyAlex Kurtzman201716 3.5No5.5
The NeighborMarcus Dunstan20163One Star 1No5.8
The Neon DemonNicolas Winding Refn20162halfstar 0.5No6.2
The New DaughterLuiso Berdejo200911twoandahalfstar 2.5Yes5.3
The Ninth GateRoman Polanski19990nostars 0No6.7
The Number 23Joel Schumacher20073halfstar 0.5No6.4
The NunCorin Hardy201821 4.5No6.0
The OmenRichard Donner19761halfstar 0.5No7.6
The Ones BelowDavid Farr20150nostars 0Yes6.1
The Open HouseMatt Angel, Suzanne Coote201814threestar 3Yes3.3
The OrphanageJ.A. Bayona20076oneandahalfstar 1.5No7.5
The Other Side of the DoorJohannes Roberts201616threeandahalfstar 3.5No5.3
The OthersAlejandro Amenábar20014twostar 2No7.6
The PactNicholas McCarthy201212threestar 3No5.8
The People Under the StairsWes Craven199113threestar 3No6.3
The Possession of Michael KingDavid Jung201420fourstar 4No5.7
The PredatorShane Black20186 1.5No5.6
The PurgeJames DeMonaco201312threestar 3No5.6
The Purge: AnarchyJames DeMonaco201413threestar 3No6.5
The Purge: Election YearJames DeMonaco20169twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.0
The Quiet OnesJohn Pogue201423fourstar 4No5.1
The Return of the Living DeadDan O'Bannon19851halfstar 0.5No7.3
The RingGore Verbinski20029twoandahalfstar 2.5No7.1
The Ring TwoHideo Nakata200511threestar 3No5.4
The RiteMikael Håfström20117 2No6.0
The RitualDavid Bruckner201715threestar 3Yes6.3
The SacramentTi West20132halfstar 0.5No6.1
The ShallowsJaume Collet-Serra20169twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.3
The Shape of WaterGuillermo del Toro20172halfstar 0.5No8.1
The ShiningStanley Kubrick19803halfstar 0.5Yes8.4
The Silence of the LambsJonathan Demme19910nostars 0No8.6
The Sixth SenseM. Night Shyamalan19998oneandahalfstar 1.5Yes8.2
The Skeleton KeyIain Softley200511threestar 3No6.5
The SnowmanTomas Alfredson20179twostar 2No5.1
The StrangersBryan Bertino200816fourandahalfstar 4.5No6.2
The Strangers: Prey at NightJohannes Roberts201814threeandahalfstar 3.5No5.5
The Taking of Deborah LoganAdam Robitel201419threeandahalfstar 3.5No6.0
The Texas Chain Saw MassacreTobe Hooper19742One Star 1No7.5
The Texas Chainsaw MassacreMarcus Nispel200316threestar 3No6.2
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The BeginningJonathan Liebesman200617threeandahalfstar 3.5Yes5.9
The ThingJohn Carpenter19827twostar 2No8.2
The ThingMatthijs van Heijningen Jr.20117twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.2
The Town That Dreaded SundownAlfonso Gomez-Rejon20148threestar 3No5.6
The TransfigurationMichael O’Shea20162One Star 1Yes5.9
The TunnelCarlo Ledesma20116twoandahalfstar 2.5No5.9
The UnbornDavid S. Goyer200914threeandahalfstar 3.5Yes4.8
The UninvitedCharles & Thomas Guard200911threestar 3No6.4
The VeilPhil Joanou201612threestar 3Yes4.7
The VillageM. Night Shyamalan20044One Star 1No6.5
The VisitM. Night Shyamalan20158twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.2
The VoicesMarjane Satrapi20143halfstar 0.5No6.3
The VoidJeremy Gillespie, Steven Kostanski20168twostar 2Yes5.8
The WailingNa Hong-jin20164One Star 1Yes7.5
The WardJohn Carpenter201015fourstar 4No5.6
The Wicker ManRobin Hardy19734halfstar 0.5No7.6
The WitchRobert Eggers20154oneandahalfstar 1.5Yes6.8
The WolfmanJoe Johnston201018fourstar 4No5.8
The Woman in BlackJames Watkins201216fourstar 4No6.5
The Woman in Black 2: Angel of DeathTom Harper
201414fourstar 4No4.9
Them (Ils)David Moreau, Xavier Palud200616fourstar 4No6.5
Thesis (Tesis)Alejandro Amenábar19963halfstar 0.5No7.5
They Look Like PeoplePerry Blackshear20152halfstar 0.5No6.1
Thirteen GhostsSteve Beck200117threestar 3No5.5
TimecrimesNacho Vigalondo20073 0.5No7.2
Tragedy GirlsTyler Macintyre20178twostar 2No6.1
Train to BusanSang-ho Yeon20164One Star 1Yes7.5
Trash FireRichard Bates Jr.20160nostars 0Yes5.8
TremorsRon Underwood199016twoandahalfstar 2.5No7.1
TriangleChristopher Smith20095One Star 1No6.9
Trick 'r TreatMichael Dougherty20076twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.8
Truth or DareJeff Wadlow20187twostar 2No4.8
Tucker and Dale vs. EvilEli Craig20109oneandahalfstar 1.5Yes7.6
TuskKevin Smith20140nostars 0Yes5.4
Under the ShadowBabak Anvari20169 3.5Yes7.0
UnfriendedLeo Gabriadze20145threestar 3No5.8
Unfriended: Dark WebStephen Susco20186oneandahalfstar 1.5No5.5
UnsaneSteven Soderbergh20182halfstar 0.5No6.7
Urban LegendJamie Blanks199817fourstar 4No5.5
UzumakiHiguchinsky200015threestar 3No6.2
VacancyNimród Antal200712twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.2
VeronicaPaco Plaza201710threestar 3Yes6.5
V/H/SVarious Directors20127threeandahalfstar 3.5No5.8
V/H/S/2Various Directors201314fourstar 4Yes6.1
Victor FrankensteinPaul McGuigan20156oneandahalfstar 1.5No6.0
ViralHenry Joost, Ariel Schulman201620fourstar 4Yes5.5
VisionsKevin Greutert201510threeandahalfstar 3.5Yes5.4
Wait Until DarkTerence Young19671halfstar 0.5No7.9
We Are Still HereTed Geoghegan201512threestar 3No5.7
Wes Craven's New NightmareWes Craven199411twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.4
What Lies BeneathRobert Zemeckis200016threestar 3No6.6
When a Stranger CallsFred Walton19795twostar 2No6.6
WildlingFritz Böhm20184 1.5No6.1
WinchesterMichael Spierig, Peter Spierig201817fourstar 4No5.4
Wind ChillGregory Jacobs200713threestar 3No5.9
Wish UponJohn R. Leonetti201711twostar 2No4.8
Wolf CreekGreg McLean20050nostars 0No6.3
World War ZMarc Forster20137twoandahalfstar 2.5No7.0
Would You RatherDavid Guy Levy20123One Star 1Yes5.8
Wrong TurnRob Schmidt200313threestar 3No6.1
You're NextAdam Wingard201111threestar 3No6.5
ZodiacDavid Fincher20073halfstar 0.5No7.7
ZombielandRuben Fleischer20099threestar 3No7.7