Do you love being on the edge of your seat throughout a movie? The following horror and thriller movies have been rated at least 4 out of 5 for jump scare frequency and intensity by the Where’s The Jump? team. If these movies don’t make you jump then nothing will!

Movie NameDirectorYearJump
Jump Scare
AloneBanjong Pisanthanakun, Parkpoom Wongpoom200721fourandahalfstar 4.5No6.6
Annabelle: CreationDavid F. Sandberg201723fourandahalfstar 4.5No6.8
Banshee ChapterBlair Erickson201322fivestar 5No5.5
Blair WitchAdam Wingard201618 4No5.0
CandymanBernard Rose199216fourstar 4No6.6
Dead SilenceJames Wan200715fourstar 4No6.2
Deliver Us From EvilScott Derrickson201416fourstar 4No6.2
DemonicWill Canon201517fourstar 4Yes5.3
Drag Me To HellSam Raimi200923fourandahalfstar 4.5No6.6
Evil DeadFede Alvarez201320fourstar 4No6.5
Evil Dead IISam Raimi198727fourstar 4No7.8
Exorcist: The BeginningRenny Harlin200417fourstar 4No5.1
ExtraterrestrialColin Minihan201430 4.5No5.0
FlatlinersNiels Arden Oplev201720fourstar 4No5.0
Freddy vs. JasonRonny Yu200324fourstar 4No5.8
Friday the 13thMarcus Nispel200923fourstar 4No5.6
Friend RequestSimon Verhoeven201621fourstar 4No5.4
Grave EncountersColin Minihan, Stuart Ortiz201112fourstar 4No6.1
InsidiousJames Wan201024fivestar 5No6.8
Insidious: Chapter 2James Wan201322fourstar 4No6.6
Insidious: Chapter 3Leigh Whannell201515fourstar 4No6.1
ItAndy Muschietti201723fourstar 4No8.2
Lights OutDavid F. Sandberg201619fourandahalfstar 4.5No6.4
MirrorsAlexandre Aja200815fourstar 4No6.2
OuijaStiles White201416fourstar 4No4.4
Ouija: Origin of EvilMike Flanagan201618fourstar 4No6.1
P2Franck Khalfoun200716fourstar 4No5.9
PandorumChristian Alvart200913fourstar 4No6.8
Paranormal Activity 3Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman201120fourstar 4No5.9
Paranormal Activity 4Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman201221fourstar 4No4.6
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost DimensionGregory Plotkin201529fourstar 4No4.6
PoltergeistGil Kenan201521fourstar 4No5.0
Resident Evil: The Final ChapterPaul W.S. Anderson201629fourandahalfstar 4.5No5.6
Scream 2Wes Craven199719fourstar 4No6.1
Scream 3Wes Craven200023fourstar 4No5.5
ShutterBanjong Pisanthanakun, Parkpoom Wongpoom200411fourstar 4No7.1
Silent Hill: RevelationMichael J. Bassett201222fourstar 4No5.0
SinisterScott Derrickson201217fivestar 5No6.8
Sinister 2Ciarán Foy201519fourstar 4No5.2
The Amityville HorrorAndrew Douglas200516fourstar 4No6.0
The BurningTony Maylam198121fourstar 4No6.5
The ConjuringJames Wan201312fourstar 4No7.5
The Conjuring 2James Wan201622fivestar 5No7.4
The CraziesBreck Eisner201018fourstar 4No6.6
The CrucifixionXavier Gens201719 4.5No5.0
The DenZachary Donohue201314fourstar 4Yes6.1
The DescentNeil Marshall200516fourstar 4No7.2
The Evil DeadSam Raimi198122fourstar 4No7.6
The GallowsTravis Cluff, Chris Lofing201521fourstar 4No4.2
The GrudgeTakashi Shimizu200423fourstar 4No5.9
The Haunting in ConnecticutPeter Cornwell200926fourandahalfstar 4.5No5.9
The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of GeorgiaTom Elkins201332fivestar 5No5.3
The Lazarus EffectDavid Gelb201518fourandahalfstar 4.5Yes5.2
The Quiet OnesJohn Pogue201423fourstar 4No5.1
The StrangersBryan Bertino200816fourandahalfstar 4.5No6.2
The WardJohn Carpenter201015fourstar 4No5.6
The WolfmanJoe Johnston201018fourstar 4No5.8
The Woman in BlackJames Watkins201216fourstar 4No6.5
The Woman in Black 2: Angel of DeathTom Harper
201414fourstar 4No4.9
Them (Ils)David Moreau, Xavier Palud200616fourstar 4No6.5
Urban LegendJamie Blanks199817fourstar 4No5.5
V/H/S/2Various Directors201314fourstar 4No6.1
ViralHenry Joost, Ariel Schulman201620fourstar 4No5.5
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