Low Jump Scare Movies

Do you hate being constantly startled by loud noises, cats jumping out of nowhere, or scary faces popping up on the screen? Horror movies without jump scares can be difficult to find, particularly in the case of modern horror where jump scares are regularly used to deliver cheap thrills.

Luckily the team at Wheres The Jump? are here to help. We have compiled a list of over 100 horror, thriller, and sci-fi movies that contain at most 4 jump scares and therefore should be safe for viewers that are looking to avoid these moments.

Movie NameDirectorYearJump
Jump Scare
1922Zak Hilditch20172One Star 1Yes6.3
A Ghost StoryDavid Lowery20173One Star 1No6.8
A Girl Walks Home Alone at NightAna Lily Amirpour20140nostars 0No7
Altered StatesKen Russell19802halfstar 0.5No6.9
AmnesiacMichael Polish20151halfstar 0.5No4.3
AnnihilationAlex Garland20184 1.5Yes6.9
ArrivalDenis Villeneuve20163halfstar 0.5No7.9
AuditionTakashi Miike19991halfstar 0.5No7.2
BackcountryAdam MacDonald20144halfstar 0.5Yes6
Berberian Sound StudioPeter Strickland20120nostars 0No6.2
Berlin SyndromeCate Shortland20171halfstar 0.5No6.3
Bird BoxSusanne Bier20184halfstar 0.5Yes6.6
Black ChristmasBob Clark19744 1.5No7.2
BladeStephen Norrington19981onestar 1No7.1
Bone TomahawkS. Craig Zahler20150nostars 0No7.1
Bram Stoker's DraculaFrancis Ford Coppola19921halfstar 0.5No7.4
CamDaniel Goldhaber20181halfstar 0.5Yes5.9
Cape FearMartin Scorsese19914oneandahalfstar 1.5No7.3
CargoBen Howling, Yolanda Ramke20172halfstar 0.5Yes6.3
CarrieBrian De Palma19761halfstar 0.5No7.4
CarrieKimberly Peirce20134One Star 1No5.9
Cat PeopleJacques Tourneur19422One Star 1No7.4
CubeVincenzo Natali19971halfstar 0.5No7.2
CujoLewis Teague19834One Star 1No6.1
CyberbullyBen Chanan20151One Star 1No6.8
Dark ShadowsTim Burton20122halfstar 0.5No6.2
Dead AlivePeter Jackson19923One Star 1No7.5
Dead CalmPhillip Noyce19892One Star 1No6.8
DementiaMike Testin20150nostars 0No5
DevilJohn Erick Dowdle20104oneandahalfstar 1.5No6.2
DismissedBenjamin Arfmann20170nostars 0No5.8
Donnie DarkoRichard Kelly20013One Star 1No8
Dracula UntoldGary Shore20144One Star 1No6.3
Eden LakeJames Watkins20083One Star 1No6.8
EmelieMichael Thelin20153halfstar 0.5Yes5.4
Escape RoomAdam Robitel20194 1.5No6.3
Europa ReportSebastián Cordero20131halfstar 0.5No6.4
Final DestinationJames Wong20004twostar 2Yes6.7
Final Destination 2David R. Ellis20033One Star 1Yes6.2
FrailtyBill Paxton20010nostars 0No7.2
Funny GamesMichael Haneke19971halfstar 0.5No7.6
Funny GamesMichael Haneke20071halfstar 0.5No6.5
Gerald's GameMike Flanagan20173halfstar 0.5Yes6.6
Goodnight MommySeverin Fiala, Veronika Franz20141halfstar 0.5No6.7
Green RoomJeremy Saulnier20151halfstar 0.5Yes7
HannibalRidley Scott20012halfstar 0.5No6.8
Hannibal RisingPeter Webber20070nostars 0No6.2
Here AloneRod Blackhurst20162halfstar 0.5Yes5.6
HiddenMatt Duffer, Ross Duffer20154oneandahalfstar 1.5No6.4
HoneymoonLeigh Janiak20143halfstar 0.5No5.7
HornsAlexandre Aja20133halfstar 0.5No6.5
HostelEli Roth20052halfstar 0.5No5.9
Hounds of LoveBen Young20160nostars 0No6.5
Hour of the WolfIngmar Bergman19681halfstar 0.5No7.7
I Am Not a Serial KillerBilly O’Brien20163One Star 1No6.2
I Am the Pretty Thing
That Lives in the House
Oz Perkins20164halfstar 0.5Yes4.5
In the Tall GrassVincenzo Natali20194One Star 1Yes5.7
InsideAlexandre Bustillo, Julien Maury20074One Star 1No6.8
IntrudersAdam Schindler20154One Star 1No5.4
Invasion of the Body SnatchersPhilip Kaufman19784One Star 1No7.4
Jacob's LadderAdrian Lyne19904One Star 1No7.5
JawsSteven Spielberg19754twoandahalfstar 2.5No8
Joy RideJohn Dahl20012halfstar 0.5No6.6
Kill ListBen Wheatley20111halfstar 0.5No6.4
Knock KnockEli Roth20152halfstar 0.5No4.9
Lake MungoJoel Anderson20081halfstar 0.5No6.2
Let Me InMatt Reeves20103halfstar 0.5No7.1
Let The Right One InTomas Alfredson20082halfstar 0.5No7.9
MaTate Taylor20193One Star 1No5.7
MaggieHenry Hobson20154halfstar 0.5No5.6
MaliceHarold Becker19933One Star 1No6.4
MayLucky McKee20020nostars 0No6.6
MayhemJoe Lynch20172halfstar 0.5No6.3
Megan Is MissingMichael Goi20111halfstar 0.5No4.7
MidsommarAri Aster20193One Star 1No7.4
MiseryRob Reiner19903halfstar 0.5No7.8
MorganLuke Scott20163halfstar 0.5No5.8
Mulholland DriveDavid Lynch20011One Star 1No7.9
My Friend DahmerMarc Meyers20170nostars 0No6.2
NerveHenry Joost, Ariel Schulman20161halfstar 0.5No6.5
Nocturnal AnimalsTom Ford20161One Star 1No7.5
Noroi: The CurseKôji Shiraishi20054One Star 1No7
One Hour PhotoMark Romanek20021halfstar 0.5No6.8
Only Lovers Left AliveJim Jarmusch20130nostars 0No7.3
Personal ShopperOlivier Assayas20164halfstar 0.5No6.1
PetCarles Torrens20162One Star 1No5.7
PontypoolBruce McDonald20081halfstar 0.5No6.6
PrevengeAlice Lowe20160halfstar 0.5No5.9
PsychoAlfred Hitchcock19602halfstar 0.5No8.5
RavenousAntonia Bird19994One Star 1No7
RawJulia Ducournau20163One Star 1Yes7
Re-AnimatorStuart Gordon19854One Star 1No7.2
RegressionAlejandro Amenábar20153One Star 1No5.7
ResolutionJustin Benson, Aaron Moorhead20122halfstar 0.5No6.3
Rosemary's BabyRoman Polanski19680nostars 0No8
Saw VIKevin Greutert20092halfstar 0.5No6
SearchingAneesh Chaganty20180nostars 0No7.7
Session 9Brad Anderson20010nostars 0No6.4
SevenDavid Fincher19951halfstar 0.5No8.6
Sleepy HollowTim Burton19991halfstar 0.5No7.3
SphereBarry Levinson19984One Star 1No6.1
SplitM. Night Shyamalan20163halfstar 0.5No7.3
SpringJustin Benson, Aaron Moorhead20141halfstar 0.5No6.7
Stake LandJim Mickle20101halfstar 0.5No6.5
SuspiriaLuca Guadagnino20182halfstar 0.5No7.1
The 9th Life of Louis DraxAlexandre Aja20164One Star 1No6.3
The ABCs of DeathVarious Directors20120nostars 0No4.7
The AbyssJames Cameron19892halfstar 0.5No7.6
The Blackcoat's DaughterOsgood Perkins20153halfstar 0.5No5.9
The Blair Witch ProjectDaniel Myrick, Eduardo Sánchez19990nostars 0No6.5
The BoyCraig Macneill20151halfstar 0.5No5.4
The Butterfly EffectEric Bress, J. Mackye Gruber20044One Star 1No7.6
The CanalIvan Kavanagh20144twostar 2No5.9
The CollectorMarcus Dunstan20092onestar 1No6.4
The ConspiracyChristopher MacBride20121halfstar 0.5No6.3
The ConversationFrancis Ford Coppola19741halfstar 0.5No7.8
The CraftAndrew Fleming19964One Star 1No6.3
The Dead Don’t DieJim Jarmusch20190nostars 0No5.5
The Devil's BackboneGuillermo del Toro20014oneandahalfstar 1.5No7.4
The Devil's RejectsRob Zombie20050nostars 0No6.8
The Eyes of My MotherNicolas Pesce20160nostars 0Yes6.2
The Final DestinationDavid R. Ellis20094One Star 1No5.2
The FlyDavid Cronenberg19862halfstar 0.5No7.5
The Girl with All the GiftsColm McCarthy20163One Star 1No6.6
The Green InfernoEli Roth20134One Star 1No5.3
The HappeningM. Night Shyamalan20081halfstar 0.5No5
The HarvestJohn McNaughton20130nostars 0No6.1
The HauntingRobert Wise19633One Star 1No7.6
The HoleNick Hamm20013halfstar 0.5No6.2
The House of the DevilTi West20094One Star 1No6.4
The Human Centipede (First Sequence)Tom Six20094oneandahalfstar 1.5No4.4
The InnocentsJack Clayton19614halfstar 0.5No7.8
The Killing of a Sacred DeerYorgos Lanthimos20173halfstar 0.5No7
The Last House on the LeftDennis Iliadis20094halfstar 0.5No6.5
The Limehouse GolemJuan Carlos Medina20160nostars 0No6.3
The Little StrangerLenny Abrahamson20180nostars 0No5.5
The Love WitchAnna Biller20160nostars 0No6.2
The Midnight Meat TrainRyûhei Kitamura20081halfstar 0.5No6.1
The Mothman PropheciesMark Pellington20024One Star 1No6.4
The NeighborMarcus Dunstan20163One Star 1No5.3
The Neon DemonNicolas Winding Refn20162halfstar 0.5No6.2
The Ninth GateRoman Polanski19990nostars 0No6.7
The Number 23Joel Schumacher20073halfstar 0.5No6.4
The OmenRichard Donner19761halfstar 0.5No7.5
The Ones BelowDavid Farr20150nostars 0Yes6.1
The OthersAlejandro Amenábar20014twostar 2No7.6
The PerfectionRichard Shepard20191halfstar 0.5Yes6.1
The Return of the Living DeadDan O'Bannon19851halfstar 0.5No7.3
The SacramentTi West20132halfstar 0.5No6.1
The Shape of WaterGuillermo del Toro20172halfstar 0.5No7.3
The ShiningStanley Kubrick19803halfstar 0.5Yes8.4
The Silence of the LambsJonathan Demme19910nostars 0No8.6
The Texas Chain Saw MassacreTobe Hooper19742One Star 1No7.5
The TransfigurationMichael O’Shea20162One Star 1No6
The VillageM. Night Shyamalan20044One Star 1No6.5
The VoicesMarjane Satrapi20143halfstar 0.5No6.4
The WailingNa Hong-jin20164One Star 1Yes7.4
The Wicker ManRobin Hardy19734halfstar 0.5No7.6
The WitchRobert Eggers20154oneandahalfstar 1.5Yes6.8
Thesis (Tesis)Alejandro Amenábar19963halfstar 0.5No7.4
They Look Like PeoplePerry Blackshear20152halfstar 0.5No5.9
TimecrimesNacho Vigalondo20073 0.5No7.2
Train to BusanSang-ho Yeon20164One Star 1Yes7.5
Trash FireRichard Bates Jr.20160nostars 0Yes5.8
TuskKevin Smith20140nostars 0Yes5.3
UnsaneSteven Soderbergh20182halfstar 0.5No6.4
Wait Until DarkTerence Young19671halfstar 0.5No7.8
WildlingFritz Böhm20184 1.5No5.5
Wolf CreekGreg McLean20050nostars 0No6.2
Would You RatherDavid Guy Levy20123One Star 1Yes5.7
ZodiacDavid Fincher20073halfstar 0.5No7.7