Synopsis: After nuclear war causes the collapse of civilization, a select few try to survive in a bunker known as Outpost Three.

Episodes: 10 (9 aired to date)

TV Parental Rating: TV-MA

IMDb: 8.1/10  Rotten Tomatoes: 86%

Netflix (US): No

Jump Scares:  18 (0 major, 18 minor)

Average Jump Scares Per Episode: 2.0

Jump Scare Rating: The first three episodes along with episode 6 have a few jump scares in the form of sudden loud noises but other than that season 8 of American Horror Story has very few scary moments.

WARNING: The jump scare descriptions listed below may contain minor spoilers
Show Descriptions

Jump Scare Times

— Episode 1 —

5:19 – Just after Coco yells “why aren’t we moving”, a body slams into the car windshield.

8:01 – An explosion rocks the plane shortly after Evie says “I guess I won’t be ordering the fresh cut fruit”.

13:41 – There is an explosion while Timothy and Emily are talking.


— Episode 2 —

0:54 – The suddenly appearance of a snake slithering through the closet may startle some viewers.

2:58 – A snake slithers out of the soup.

15:48 – The man in the rubber suit suddenly grabs Gallant after he says “or are you here on your own time”.


— Episode 3 —

4:37 – Langdon roars at Mallory and his face turns briefly demonic.

19:16 – Accompanied by a sound effect we see Brock appear behind The Fist as she tends to the horses.

23:23 – There is a brief flashback to Langdon roaring at Mallory.


— Episode 4 —

9:11 – Shortly after saying “save me”, a man’s head suddenly explodes.

35:17 – Madison is shocked by a cattle prod.


— Episode 5 —

13:56 – While celebrating with the other warlocks Michael turns to look at John and, accompanied by a sound effect, his eyes briefly turn demonic.


— Episode 6 —

6:04 – After Madison says “Did it work?”, Behold turns around and sees one of the nurse ghosts walking past a doorway (as a sound effect plays).

6:31 – Accompanied by a stringed sound effect, Madison sees two more ghosts at the top of the stairs.

9:51 – After Madison picks up the ball, she is tackled by Beau (the deformed boy from Murder House).

25:57 – There is a sudden cut to Constance being strangled by Michael.


— Episode 8 —

0:10 – As Michael touches the charred corpse, there is a sudden flashback to a man burning at the stake (this is followed by two more flashbacks over the next minute or so).

32:14 – A woman suddenly bursts into flame after running at Michael.

(Major scares in bold)