Jump Scares in American Horror Story: Murder House

American Horror Story: Murder House screenshot
American Horror Story: Murder House screenshot
American Horror Story: Murder House screenshot
American Horror Story: Murder House screenshot

See below for the exact times and descriptions of the 29 jump scares in American Horror Story: Murder House, which has a jump scare rating of 3.0.

Jump Scare Rating: Murder House contains more jump scares than other seasons of American Horror Story however very few of them are particularly shocking (the exception being a scare near the beginning of episode 11).

Synopsis: The Harmon family move into a recently restored mansion in Los Angeles, unaware that the ghosts of former residents haunt the house.

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Jump Scares: 29 (1 major, 28 minor)

Episodes: 12

Reviews: IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes

Rating: TVMA

Netflix (US): Yes

WARNING: The jump scare descriptions listed below may contain minor spoilers

Jump Scare Times

—Episode 1—

00:04:26 – Brian shines the torch on Troy to reveal his throat has been cut.

00:18:40 – Vivien turns on the attic lights to reveal a rubber suit which causes her to scream.

00:30:23 – The bloodied twins appear behind Vivien.

00:43:55 – Various disturbing images flash across the screen over the next minute or so.


—Episode 2—

00:01:15 – A hand bangs on the window.

00:05:24 – A man suddenly stabs the tied up nurse several times.

00:10:25 – The burglar alarm goes off during a tense scene.


—Episode 3—

00:38:01 – Larry hits Hayden in the head with a shovel.


—Episode 4—

00:17:07 – Addie, who is hiding under a bed, grabs Violet’s ankle.

00:19:11 – Violet turns around and a man in the rubber suit is standing right in front of her.

00:31:30 – Addie runs onto the street and is struck by a car.


—Episode 5—

00:22:07 – Something explodes in the microwave (with bloody results) as Vivien slowly approaches it.


—Episode 6—

00:16:50 – The pig man rips open the shower curtain and attacks Derek.

00:23:21 – Derek opens the shower curtain to reveal a dead man with bloodied eyes.

00:31:24 – The ghosts of several people suddenly appear as Violet tries to run away.

00:36:55 – A man opens the shower curtain and shoots Derek.


—Episode 7—

00:20:49 – Nora looks in the crib and a hissing noise causes her to turn around.

00:26:28 – A deformed child leaps out of the shadows at Violet.

00:28:11 – The ghost of one of the nurses appears behind Violet.


—Episode 8—

00:34:39 – The man in the rubber suit grabs Vivien from behind.


—Episode 9—

00:15:19 – Tate begins talking behind Constance.


—Episode 10—

00:14:51 – Tate puts his hand over Violet’s mouth.

00:24:21 – Travis appears behind Larry.

00:27:24 – Ben wipes the steam off the window to reveal the man in the rubber suit (who then attacks him).


—Episode 11—

00:01:03 – A box falls down.

00:01:49 – Thaddeus grabs Tate and drags him away.


—Episode 12—

00:18:10 – The twins briefly appear behind Gabriel.

00:28:54 – The deformed child jumps down from the attic in front of Stacy.

00:31:16 – The mutilated body of Elizabeth looks up at Miguel.

(Major jump scares in bold)

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