Jump Scares in Ash vs Evil Dead (Season 2)

Ash vs Evil Dead (Season 2) screenshot
Ash vs Evil Dead (Season 2) screenshot
Ash vs Evil Dead (Season 2) screenshot
Ash vs Evil Dead (Season 2) screenshot

See below for the exact times and descriptions of the 33 jump scares in Ash vs Evil Dead, which has a jump scare rating of 4.0.

Jump Scare Rating: Multiple jump scares, however only a few actually effective ones. Very predictable and the comedic tone takes away most of the impact. Only sort of scary episode is #6.

Synopsis: Ash, Pablo, Kelly and Ruby continue to fight the deadites and other demons released from the Necronomicon 30 years after the original movie.

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Jump Scares: 33 (2 major, 31 minor)

Episodes: 10

Reviews: IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes

Rating: TVMA

Netflix (US): No

WARNING: The jump scare descriptions listed below may contain minor spoilers

Jump Scare Times

—Episode 1—

00:10:34 – While sitting in the car, a man disappears and then bangs on the window with a rock.

00:11:17 – There is a sudden gunshot at the wall while Ash is looking at a picture.

00:26:55 – A demon child grabs Ruby suddenly.


—Episode 2—

00:05:57 – The mortician is stabbed in the ankle while investigating the open freezer.

00:14:49 – The bowels of the cadaver attack as Ash leans in.


—Episode 3—

00:22:10 – The blonde girl turns with white eyes and a sound effect as she leaves with Ash’s father.

00:27:07 – Mid speech Ash’s father is hit by a car with no warning.


—Episode 4—

00:17:00 – The flashlight comes across the face of one of the eyeless demon children plus a sound effect.

00:25:10 – The trunk explodes and a fire demon lunges at the camera.


—Episode 5—

00:00:34 – The mechanical bull comes to life briefly.

00:11:56 – The shadow moves to reveal a woman officer.

00:21:23 – A de-skinned body jumps through the ceiling.

00:22:58 – The lights go out and then the skeleton man is behind Ash.


—Episode 6—

00:01:28 – Pablo sits up quickly.

00:05:34 – A rock is thrown through the window as Ash says “you’re safe now, I promise”.

00:14:00 – Sheryl opens her eyes and they are white, accompanied by a sound effect.

00:16:55 – Sheryl says “warmer” and then Chet breaks through a door at the end of the hallway.

00:19:38 – Ash sees his reflection then a picture frame falls down.

00:20:13 – Arms break through the wall and grab Ash.

00:21:43 – Sheryl pops up beside Chet.

00:22:40 – Sheryl opens her eyes with a sound effect.


—Episode 8—

00:02:42 – Kelly turns around and Emery steps out with a sound effect.

00:03:38 – Lacey suddenly turns into a deadite.

00:10:08 – A face pops out at the window.

00:12:42 – A patient runs past the room screaming.

00:13:30 – The patient runs around the corner screaming.


—Episode 9—

00:20:32 – A deadite pops up behind Ash.


—Episode 10—

00:02:10 – The deadite comes out of the cellar to grab Ash.

00:04:15 – Ash turns and the woman is now a deadite.

00:08:22 – Pablo pulls the car mirror down and sees the masked version of himself.

00:13:57 – There is a quick cut to the demon children on the ceiling.

00:19:58 – The deadite Linda appears suddenly in front of Ash for a quick second.

00:20:24 – The demon child disappears and then reappears in front of Ruby.

(Major jump scares in bold)

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