Jump Scares In Bride of Chucky (1998)

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Synopsis: Chucky kills his ex-girlfriend Tiffany and reanimates her to be his doll bride.

Director: Ronny Yu

Runtime: 89 minutes

MPAA Rating: R

IMDb: 5.3/10  Rotten Tomatoes: 44%

Netflix (US): No

Tags: Comedy, Slasher

Jump Scares:  11 (0 major, 11 minor)

Jump Scare Rating: A moderate number of jump scares spread throughout the film however the comedic tone to the movie lessens their impact substantially.

WARNING: The jump scare descriptions listed below may contain minor spoilers
Show Descriptions

Jump Scare Times

2:49 – The cop is about to open the bag containing Chucky’s remains when his police radio blares into life.

3:17 – Tiffany suddenly attacks the cop as he looks into the bag.

13:11 – A spider lands on Damien while he is looking under the bed.

14:30 – There is a bolt of lightning and Chucky is suddenly sitting on the bed beside Tiffany.

31:58 – An apparently dead Tiffany suddenly jumps up from underneath the water in the bathtub.

53:58 – Warren, who was supposedly dead, suddenly jumps up out of the storage container.

1:04:22 – David knocks on the car window, startling Jade.

1:13:03 – Tiffany’s burnt face suddenly appears in the oven window.

1:13:24 – Tiffany bursts out of the oven and attacks Jade.

1:20:25 – Chucky hits Tiffany over the head with a spade.

1:24:11 – Tiffany suddenly springs to life and screams at the investigator.

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