Jump Scares in Cry Wolf (2005)

Cry Wolf (2005) screenshot
Cry Wolf (2005) screenshot
Cry Wolf (2005) screenshot
Cry Wolf (2005) screenshot

See below for the exact times and descriptions of the 11 jump scares in Cry Wolf, which has a jump scare rating of 1.5.

Jump Scare Rating: Minor jump scares that are mostly fake-outs. The scares are more loud than they are scary so anyone not watching at a very high volume likely won’t have any trouble with them.

Synopsis: Students at a boarding school with a penchant for lying games, make up a false rumor about a killer on campus. But soon the lines between pranks and reality start to blur as one of them disappears.

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Jump Scares: 11 (11 minor)

Reviews: IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes

Rating: PG13

Director: Jeff Wadlow

Runtime: 90 minutes

Netflix (US): No

Tags: Mystery, Slasher

WARNING: The jump scare descriptions listed below may contain minor spoilers

Jump Scare Times

00:01:57 – While a woman is hiding and trying to be quiet, her phone begins to loudly ring.

00:27:13 – Tom suddenly calls out to Owen while he’s texting, startling him.

00:28:44 – Something big is dropped into the water while Dodger is swimming.

00:29:14 – More stuff is suddenly dropped into the pool.

00:32:51 – Owen turns on the light, and with a loud string sound effect Tom is revealed to be sitting on a chair and staring at him.

00:37:08 – The killer suddenly walks by in the background.

00:48:52 – Owen walks away from the window and the killer takes a step forward to reveal he is outside.

00:56:48 – While the headmistress is talking, there is an abrupt very loud sound of someone opening the door that startles Owen.

01:03:04 – The killer walks by in the foreground.

01:04:43 – Mercedes wipes the steam off the mirror, revealing the killer in the background and causing her to scream.

01:08:11 – The killer suddenly grabs Lewis while he’s looking down at Owen from the railings.

Watch with subtitles that warn you about jump scares! Download the .srt file of the jump scares in Cry Wolf. [More info]

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