Jump Scares in Demonic (2015)

Demonic (2015) screenshot
Demonic (2015) screenshot
Demonic (2015) screenshot
Demonic (2015) screenshot

See below for the exact times and descriptions of the 17 jump scares in Demonic, which has a jump scare rating of 4.0.

Jump Scare Rating: Demonic has a large number of jump scares with most occurring in the second half of the movie.

Synopsis: Detective Mark Lewis investigates the mysterious deaths of a group of people who were killed after attempting to conduct a séance in an apparently haunted house.

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Jump Scares: 17 (3 major, 14 minor)

Reviews: IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes

Rating: R

Director: Will Canon

Runtime: 83 minutes

WARNING: The jump scare descriptions listed below may contain minor spoilers

Jump Scare Times

00:05:13 – A man appears behind Mark.

00:08:37 – As Mark speaks into his walkie-talkie, an unconscious man suddenly rears up and grabs Mark.

00:22:10 – A barking dog suddenly lunges at the car window.

00:29:50 – The sound of glass breaking during a quiet scene may startle some viewers.

00:32:29 – As the camera pans around Michelle, a ghostly face appears behind her.

00:35:37 – A door slams.

00:45:00 – A bird flies out of a dark room.

00:47:18 – Bryan sees the ghostly image of a boy standing in front of an open door.

00:48:28 – Hands shoot out from underneath a bed that Sam is standing in front of.

00:48:55 – Jules briefly glimpses a woman climbing the stairs.

00:51:37 – Michelle turns around and the face of a demonic woman suddenly appears in front of her.

00:53:30 – Jules is suddenly pulled backwards by an unseen force.

01:01:35 – John has a vision of his mother who suddenly transforms into the demonic woman.

01:02:51 – Bryan turns around to show his eyes are now black and his mouth full of a dark liquid.

01:05:05 – John turns around and is attacked by Bryan.

01:07:11 – Bryan suddenly opens his eyes and attacks an officer.

01:16:28 – A large number of birds burst out of John’s mouth.

(Major jump scares in bold)

Watch with subtitles that warn you about jump scares! Download the .srt file of the jump scares in Demonic. [More info]

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