Jump Scares in Dog Soldiers (2002)

Dog Soldiers (2002) screenshot
Dog Soldiers (2002) screenshot
Dog Soldiers (2002) screenshot
Dog Soldiers (2002) screenshot

See below for the exact times and descriptions of the 13 jump scares in Dog Soldiers, which has a jump scare rating of 3.0.

Jump Scare Rating: There is plenty of action in the second half as the werewolves attack the soldiers and while some of these attacks come quite suddenly, only a few rise to the level of a genuine jump scare. The most significant jump scare occurs during the campfire scene that beings approximately 15 minutes into the movie.

Synopsis: A routine training exercise turns deadly for a group of soldiers in the Scottish wilderness after they are attacked by a pack of Werewolves.

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Jump Scares: 13 (1 major, 12 minor)

Reviews: IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes

Rating: R

Director: Neil Marshall

Runtime: 105 minutes

Netflix (US): No

Tags: Action, Forest / Woods Setting, Gory, Werewolf

WARNING: The jump scare descriptions listed below may contain minor spoilers

Jump Scare Times

00:18:02 – As Spoon begins to tell a joke a dead cow is thrown into the campfire startling the soldiers. [Video]

00:23:25 – Captain Ryan pops up beside Corporal Campbell and screams.

00:28:44 – A silhouette moves past the camera.

00:29:22 – Corporal Campbell attempts to flee the area but runs into, and is impaled by, a tree trunk.

00:29:36 – A werewolf roars and Campbell is slashed across the face.

00:30:08 – Sarge crouches down and a werewolf passes by in the trees above him.

00:33:14 – A werewolf hand comes through the roof of the truck.

00:36:47 – A dog jumps out at Coop.

00:41:00 – A werewolf tries to break through the door.

00:45:40 – A werewolf is spotted outside.

01:01:29 – The window blind behind Terry suddenly closes, a couple of seconds later a werewolf grabs him and pulls him though the window.

01:39:56 – Coop sees a corpse hanging from a rope.

01:40:09 – A werewolf suddenly punches Coop.

(Major jump scares in bold)

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