Jump Scares In Pandorum (2009)

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Synopsis: Astronauts Payton and Bower wake from hypersleep to find their ship, Elysium, has been over-run by cannibalistic humanoid monsters.

Director: Christian Alvart

Runtime: 108 minutes

MPAA Rating: R

IMDb: 6.8/10  Rotten Tomatoes: 28%

Netflix (US): Yes

Jump Scares:  13 (2 major, 11 minor)

Jump Scare Rating: Jump scares and jarring quick-cuts dominate this film. Those who are easily startled should avoid.

WARNING: The jump scare descriptions listed below may contain minor spoilers
Show Descriptions

Jump Scare Times

2:57 – The scene abruptly cuts to Corporal Bower struggling in his hyper-sleep chamber.

5:10 – A hyper-sleep chamber drops down, accompanied by a loud noise.

20:04 – Bower shines his torch on a dead person hanging by some rope. [Video]

20:27 – The mystery girl attacks Bower.

21:47 – The hanging body is suddenly pulled up.

22:19 – Something runs past Bower.

23:44 – A monster tries to attack Bower through a grate.

25:29 – A child’s face appears beside Bower during a scene transition.

32:47 – A hanging man suddenly opens his eyes as Bower gets close to him. [Video]

37:00 – The monsters start screaming from above Bower.

54:13 – A monster lunges at Bower.

54:39 – A monster jumps down on Nadia.

1:03:43 – Payton closes a cabinet door which reveals Gallo standing behind it.

(Major scares in bold)

Download a .srt file of the jump scares in Pandorum [more info].