Jump Scares In Rings (2017)

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Synopsis: A young woman trying to find her missing boyfriend delves into the mystery of a video that supposedly kills viewers 7 days after they watch it.

Director: F. Javier Gutiérrez

Runtime: 102 minutes

MPAA Rating: PG-13

IMDb: 4.5/10  Rotten Tomatoes: 6%

Netflix (US): No

Jump Scares:  19 (2 major, 17 minor)

Jump Scare Rating: Cheesy jump scares inserted into non-scary scenes are a frequent occurrence in Rings. Most of these occur in the middle third of the movie from the 30 minute to one hour mark.

WARNING: The jump scare descriptions listed below may contain minor spoilers
Show Descriptions

Jump Scare Times

12:33 – Two of Holt’s friends sneak up on him and scare him as he talks on his webcam to Julia.

14:28 – During a nightmare, an arm reaches out and grabs Julia around the mouth.

30:39 – The camera suddenly zooms in on Samara’s face before cutting to Skye’s transformed face.

31:00 – Julia looks through a keyhole and briefly sees Samara.

32:26 – Skye’s head suddenly rolls back in the chair, revealing her grotesque face to Julia.

32:35 – Julia runs into Holt as she goes through a door.

38:25 – There is a loud bang on a door.

39:55 – A bird hits the car windscreen.

40:29 – A truck almost runs over Julia.

54:26 – The sudden opening of an umbrella may startle some viewers.

59:15 – There is a loud bang from behind Julia.

59:31 – Samara appears behind Julia.

59:57 – Holt grabs Julia and pulls her away.

1:00:13 – A dog starts to bark.

1:14:09 – A snake slithers past Julia.

1:15:24 – There are several loud bangs on a door over the next 20 seconds or so.

1:16:18 – Julia turns the torch on to reveal a young woman running at her while screaming “the child”.

1:27:15 – Samara appears in the reflection of the mirror.

1:31:09 – A closeup of Burke’s grotesque face may be startling to some viewers.

(Major scares in bold)

Download a .srt file of the jump scares in Rings [more info].