Jump Scares In Stranger Things (Season 2)

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Synopsis: Takes place at Halloween a year after the events of the first season as Will struggles to cope with his experience in the “Upside Down”.

Episodes: 9

TV Parental Rating: TV-14

IMDb: 8.9/10  Rotten Tomatoes: 93%

Netflix (US): Yes

Jump Scares:  39 (2 major, 37 minor)

Average Jump Scares Per Episode: 4.3

Jump Scare Rating: Less major scares than the first season although there are quite a few more minor ones. Season 2 employs a large number of short, sudden flashbacks that are accompanied by loud noises. Some sensitive viewers may find these scenes quite startling.

WARNING: The jump scare descriptions listed below may contain minor spoilers
Show Descriptions

Jump Scare Times

— Episode 1 —

8:33 – Will suddenly finds himself back in the Upside Down.

19:17 – A bird flies out of the corn field startling Jim.

25:18 – A loud thunderclap may startle some viewers.

37:01 – The trash can shakes and makes a noise.


— Episode 2 —

0:11 – The episode starts with several images flashing across the screen accompanied by loud noises.

7:03 – Jim turns around and sees a figure behind him in a white sheet.

22:15 – A squirrel is suddenly picked up and thrown against a tree by an unseen force.

34:49 – Max, wearing a Michael Myers mask, jumps out at the boys.

35:56 – A girl fires a toy gun at Jim.

39:37 – A woman appears in front of Will and yells “watch it zombie boy”.

40:54 – Mike grabs Will during one of his episodes.

52:10 – There is a loud bang from inside the trash can.


— Episode 3 —

14:50 – A sudden scene change to Jim opening a door may startle some viewers (the sound is quite loud compared to the previously quiet scene).


— Episode 4 —

4:13 – Will has several short sharp flashbacks to one of his “episodes”.

14:25 – Will has several visions of some sort of tunnel while staring at the bathtub.

19:36 – A man knocks on the window of Jonathan’s car as he attempts to start it.

21:42 – Over the next minute or so we see several more of Will’s “tunnel” visions.

40:47 – D’Artagnan makes a screeching noise.


— Episode 5 —

3:54 – The growth on the roof of the tunnel fires some sort of liquid at Jim.

8:45 – Will wakes from a nightmare.

14:44 – Dustin looks back outside and D’Artagnan is now standing in front of the shed.

27:17 – A dead animal spasms as Jim stands on it.

54:13 – Bob turns around and some men in hazmat suits are standing there.


— Episode 6 —

3:17 – Steve shines the torch on Dustin accompanied by a sound effect.

22:00 – There are several flasbacks to earlier events over the next few minutes – these are accompanied by loud sound effects.

33:12 – Steve bangs a chair on the car startling Dustin and Lucas.

47:25 – A creature attacks one of the men in the hazmat suits.


— Episode 7 —

0:18 – Like episode 2, episode 7 opens abruptly with some quick cuts from earlier scenes accompanied by sound effects.

16:13 – A gloved hand reaches out and touches Eleven on the shoulder.


— Episode 8 —

0:45 – The creature begins to head-butt the window in front of Jim.

7:08 – Billy’s father suddenly slams him up against a wall.

10:40 – A creature runs through the hallway of the laboratory building.

11:54 – Accompanied by a loud sound effect, an apparently dead man is dragged away.

14:18 – A pipe lets off steam above Bob.

20:44 – The creature suddenly breaks through the door and attacks Bob.

32:49 – Will wakes up and gasps.

43:09 – A creature bursts through the window.


— Episode 9 —

30:27 – The growth on the roof spits some sort of liquid on Dustin.

38:42 – D’Artagnan roars at Dustin.

(Major scares in bold)