Jump Scares in The Burning (1981)

The Burning (1981) screenshot
The Burning (1981) screenshot
The Burning (1981) screenshot
The Burning (1981) screenshot

See below for the exact times and descriptions of the 21 jump scares in The Burning, which has a jump scare rating of 4.0.

Jump Scare Rating: Compared to many other 80s slashers, The Burning creates a surprising amount of tension and executes some effective jump scares. A rather shrill sound effect is used to emphaise most of these scares which might irritate some viewers.

Synopsis: Sadistic caretaker Cropsy returns to a summer camp to seek revenge on those who horrifically burned him when a prank went wrong.

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Jump Scares: 21 (6 major, 15 minor)

Reviews: IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes

Rating: R

Director: Tony Maylam

Runtime: 91 minutes

WARNING: The jump scare descriptions listed below may contain minor spoilers

Jump Scare Times

00:03:18 – Accompanied by a loud sound effect, a man suddenly sits up in his bed.

00:04:44 – Accompanied by another sound effect, the camera cuts to a close up of a skull covered in worms.

00:07:43 – A burnt hand reaches out to grab one of the doctors. [Video].

00:20:56 – Sally opens the shower curtain and screams.

00:31:48 – Alfred sees a figure at the window (a jarring sound effect plays at the same time).

00:32:34 – A bird flies out as Todd opens a door.

00:43:09 – A man in a mask jumps out (as a prank), scaring the group. [Video].

00:48:55 – Cropsy appears as Karen reaches for her dress.

00:59:09 – Cropsy jumps out of the canoe and attacks the group. [Video].

01:04:27 – Cropsy appears in front of Sally.

01:06:30 – Glazer is stabbed by Cropsy.

01:08:33 – Todd sees Glazer’s dead body.

01:11:26 – A hand from one of the corpses falls onto Michelle.

01:11:34 – A corpse floats to the surface scaring Michelle once more.

01:17:47 – Cropsy’s hand appears from around a corner to grab Alfred.

01:20:27 – During a tense scene Todd puts his foot through a floorboard and falls to the ground.

01:20:49 – Some dirt falls down the mine-shaft startling Todd.

01:21:46 – Accompanied by a loud sound effect, Todd sees a corpse. [Video].

01:24:55 – Cropsy’s disfigured face suddenly appears on screen (once again accompanied by a loud sound effect. [Video].

01:25:31 – Several short sharp flashbacks over the next 20 seconds may startle some viewers.

01:26:53 – Cropsy leaps up to attack Todd and Alfred. [Video].

(Major jump scares in bold)

Watch with subtitles that warn you about jump scares! Download the .srt file of the jump scares in The Burning. [More info]

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