Jump Scares In The Haunting of Hill House (Season 1)

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Synopsis: Follows the Crain family, both in the past and present, as they deal with the repercussions of growing up in a home they believe to be haunted.

Episodes: 10

TV Parental Rating: TV-MA

IMDb: 9.1/10  Rotten Tomatoes: 90%

Netflix (US): Yes

Jump Scares:  27 (4 major, 23 minor)

Average Jump Scares Per Episode: 2.7

Jump Scare Rating: There are less jump scares than one might expect from a series based on a haunted house as the show spends as much time exploring the relationships between the family members as it does on the horror elements.

WARNING: The jump scare descriptions listed below may contain minor spoilers
Show Descriptions

Jump Scare Times

Netflix “reverse” timestamps included in brackets.

— Episode 1 —

5:31 (54:33) – After a tense scene focusing on the door to Nellie and Luke’s room, a sudden cut to Hugh getting back into bed may startle some viewers.

30:01 (30:04) – During a dream, Hugh turns over in bed and the woman beside him suddenly opens her mouth and lets out an unnatural scream.

31:59 (28:06) – After Hugh sighs several times, a cut to him turning a light (accompanied by a loud noise) may startle some viewers.

38:03 (22:02) – As the alarm clock changes to 3:03, Shirley jolts awake.

39:50 (20:15) – As Steve looks at a dark patch on the ceiling, he is startled by car brakes screeching outside.

57:40 (2:27) – Accompanied by a sound effect, Steve turns around and Nell is now standing directly in front of him.


— Episode 2 —

19:50 (31:30) – There are several loud bangs on the bedroom walls over the next 30 seconds or so.

34:39 (16:42) – The kitten opens its eyes revealing they are milky white.

48:03 (3:16) – There is a bang from inside the box and we hear a kitten making a squawking noise.


— Episode 3 —

14:00 (39:18) – As Theo reaches for the door handle, there is a loud bang from the other side.

19:26 (33:54) – As Luke’s torch flickers, we see a rotting figure begin to approach him.

21:02 (32:17) – As Theo’s bed-covers start to slip off, she looks up and sees a figure with a distorted face at the end of the bed.

38:16 (15:02) – Accompanied by a sound effect, Theo looks back up at her mother and her face is now bloodied with a large chunk missing.


— Episode 4 —

14:25 (38:31) – Luke sees an old woman in the reflection of the speaking tube.

18:23 (34:34) – As Luke looks at the tall man in the distance, a dog suddenly barks.


— Episode 5 —

2:12 (1:07:56) – Nell sees the silhouette of the Bent Neck Lady standing at the end of the bed.

29:29 (40:41) – Nell sees the Bent Neck Lady standing in front of the car.

52:20 (17:49) – As Nell turns around, the Bent Neck Lady drops down right in front of her and a loud sound effect plays.


— Episode 6 —

15:38 (41:01) – The chandelier drops from the ceiling.

44:34 (12:04) – The windows start to blow out one by one.


— Episode 7 —

39:52 (20:23) – A hand reaches out of the grave and grabs Luke’s arm.


— Episode 8 —

34:55 (7:52) – As Shirley and Theo argue in the car, Nell’s ghost suddenly appears between them and lets out a roar.

40:57 (1:48) – As Luke sees his mother reaching out for him, he is grabbed from behind by a ghostly figure.


— Episode 9 —

14:50 (42:42) – Accompanied by a sound effect, Olivia sees a woman hovering over the bed where Hugh is sleeping.

47:13 (10:18) – Accompanied by a sound effect, Hugh turns around and sees several ghosts standing in the hallway.

47:36 (9:55) – Accompanied by a sound effect, Olivia walks past a window where several ghosts stand watching her.


— Episode 10 —

19:32 (51:27) – Theo turns around and the ghost of Poppy Hill is right in front of her.

(Major scares in bold)