Jump Scares in The Haunting of Hill House (Season 1)

The Haunting of Hill House (Season 1) screenshot
The Haunting of Hill House (Season 1) screenshot
The Haunting of Hill House (Season 1) screenshot
The Haunting of Hill House (Season 1) screenshot

See below for the exact times and descriptions of the 28 jump scares in The Haunting of Hill House, which has a jump scare rating of 3.0.

Jump Scare Rating: There are less jump scares than one might expect from a series based on a haunted house as the show spends as much time exploring the relationships between the family members as it does on the horror elements.

Synopsis: Follows the Crain family, both in the past and present, as they deal with the repercussions of growing up in a home they believe to be haunted.

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Jump Scares: 28 (4 major, 24 minor)

Episodes: 10

Reviews: IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes

Rating: TVMA

Netflix (US): Yes

WARNING: The jump scare descriptions listed below may contain minor spoilers

Jump Scare Times

—Episode 1—

00:05:31 – After a tense scene focusing on the door to Nellie and Luke’s room, a sudden cut to Hugh getting back into bed may startle some viewers.

00:30:01 – During a dream, Hugh turns over in bed and the woman beside him suddenly opens her mouth and lets out an unnatural scream.

00:31:59 – After Hugh sighs several times, a cut to him turning a light (accompanied by a loud noise) may startle some viewers.

00:38:03 – As the alarm clock changes to 3:03, Shirley jolts awake.

00:39:50 – As Steve looks at a dark patch on the ceiling, he is startled by car brakes screeching outside.

00:57:40 – Accompanied by a sound effect, Steve turns around and Nell is now standing directly in front of him.


—Episode 2—

00:19:50 – There are several loud bangs on the bedroom walls over the next 30 seconds or so.

00:34:39 – The kitten opens its eyes revealing they are milky white.

00:48:03 – There is a bang from inside the box and we hear a kitten making a squawking noise.


—Episode 3—

00:14:00 – As Theo reaches for the door handle, there is a loud bang from the other side.

00:19:26 – As Luke’s torch flickers, we see a rotting figure begin to approach him.

00:21:02 – As Theo’s bed-covers start to slip off, she looks up and sees a figure with a distorted face at the end of the bed.

00:38:16 – Accompanied by a sound effect, Theo looks back up at her mother and her face is now bloodied with a large chunk missing.


—Episode 4—

00:14:25 – Luke sees an old woman in the reflection of the speaking tube.

00:18:23 – As Luke looks at the tall man in the distance, a dog suddenly barks.


—Episode 5—

00:02:12 – Nell sees the silhouette of the Bent Neck Lady standing at the end of the bed.

00:29:29 – Nell sees the Bent Neck Lady standing in front of the car.

00:52:20 – As Nell turns around, the Bent Neck Lady drops down right in front of her and a loud sound effect plays.


—Episode 6—

00:15:38 – The chandelier drops from the ceiling.

00:44:34 – The windows start to blow out one by one.


—Episode 7—

00:36:58 – There’s a sudden loud noise.

00:39:52 – A hand reaches out of the grave and grabs Luke’s arm.


—Episode 8—

00:34:55 – As Shirley and Theo argue in the car, Nell’s ghost suddenly appears between them and lets out a roar.

00:40:57 – As Luke sees his mother reaching out for him, he is grabbed from behind by a ghostly figure.


—Episode 9—

00:14:50 – Accompanied by a sound effect, Olivia sees a woman hovering over the bed where Hugh is sleeping.

00:47:13 – Accompanied by a sound effect, Hugh turns around and sees several ghosts standing in the hallway.

00:47:36 – Accompanied by a sound effect, Olivia walks past a window where several ghosts stand watching her.


—Episode 10—

00:19:32 – Theo turns around and the ghost of Poppy Hill is right in front of her.

(Major jump scares in bold)

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