The following horror movies involve a central character who fits the loner/misfit type personality.

Movie NameDirectorYearJump
Jump Scare
A Girl Walks Home Alone at NightAna Lily Amirpour20140nostars 0No7.1
CarrieBrian De Palma19761halfstar 0.5No7.4
CarrieKimberly Peirce20134One Star 1No5.9
Donnie DarkoRichard Kelly20013One Star 1Yes8.1
Friend RequestSimon Verhoeven201621fourstar 4No5.4
I Am Not a Serial KillerBilly O’Brien20163One Star 1Yes6.2
Jacob's LadderAdrian Lyne19904One Star 1No7.5
Let Me InMatt Reeves20103halfstar 0.5No7.2
Let The Right One InTomas Alfredson20082halfstar 0.5No8.0
MayLucky McKee20020nostars 0No6.7
One Hour PhotoMark Romanek20021halfstar 0.5No6.8
Sleepaway CampRobert Hiltzik19836 1.5No6.3
SplitM. Night Shyamalan20163halfstar 0.5No7.3
Starry EyesKevin Kolsch, Dennis Widmyer20149twostar 2Yes6.0
The BabysitterMcG20178 2.5Yes6.6
The BoyCraig Macneill20151halfstar 0.5No5.4
The Devil's CandySean Byrne20158twostar 2No6.7
The GiftJoel Edgerton20155oneandahalfstar 1.5No7.1
The TransfigurationMichael O’Shea20162One Star 1Yes5.9
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