The table below shows the movies in our database that combine elements of both the horror and science fiction genres.

Movie NameDirectorYearJump
Jump Scare
AlienRidley Scott197911twoandahalfstar 2.5No8.5
Alien 3David Fincher199212twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.4
Alien: ResurrectionJean-Pierre Jeunet19979threestar 3No6.3
AliensJames Cameron198613threestar 3No8.4
Altered StatesKen Russell 19802halfstar 0.5No6.9
CubeVincenzo Natali19971halfstar 0.5No7.3
Devil's PassRenny Harlin201310twoandahalfstar 2.5No5.7
DoomAndrzej Bartkowiak200515threeandahalfstar 3.5No5.2
DreamcatcherLawrence Kasdan200311threestar 3Yes5.5
Europa ReportSebastián Cordero20131halfstar 0.5Yes6.5
Event HorizonPaul W.S. Anderson199711threestar 3Yes6.7
Hollow ManPaul Verhoeven20009twoandahalfstar 2.5No5.7
Invasion of the Body SnatchersPhilip Kaufman19784One Star 1No7.4
MorganLuke Scott20163halfstar 0.5No5.9
PandorumChristian Alvart200913fourstar 4No6.8
PrometheusRidley Scott20127oneandahalfstar 1.5No7.0
Re-AnimatorStuart Gordon19854One Star 1Yes7.3
Resident EvilPaul W.S. Anderson20027Two Star 2.5No6.7
SlitherJames Gunn200610threestar 3No6.5
SpeciesRoger Donaldson19957threestar 3No5.8
SphereBarry Levinson19984One Star 1No6.0
SunshineDanny Boyle20076oneandahalfstar 1.5No7.3
Super 8J.J. Abrams201115threeandahalfstar 3.5No7.1
The Butterfly EffectEric Bress, J. Mackye Gruber20044One Star 1No7.7
The FacultyRobert Rodriguez199811threestar 3No6.4
The FlyDavid Cronenberg19862halfstar 0.5No7.5
The ForgottenJoseph Ruben20047threestar 3Yes5.8
The Girl with All the GiftsColm McCarthy20163One Star 1No6.8
The HappeningM. Night Shyamalan20081halfstar 0.5No5.0
The Lazarus EffectDavid Gelb201518fourandahalfstar 4.5No5.2
The MistFrank Darabont20075One Star 1No7.2
The ThingJohn Carpenter19827twostar 2No8.2
The ThingMatthijs van Heijningen Jr.20117twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.2
ViralHenry Joost, Ariel Schulman201620fourstar 4No5.6
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