The table below shows the movies in our database where one or more characters are possessed by a supernatural entity.

Movie NameDirectorYearJump
Jump Scare
Deliver Us From EvilScott Derrickson201416fourstar 4No6.2
DemonicWill Canon201517fourstar 4No5.3
Devil's DueMatt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett201413threestar 3No4.1
Evil DeadFede Alvarez201320fourstar 4No6.5
Evil Dead IISam Raimi198727fourstar 4No7.8
Idle HandsRodman Flender199910threestar 3No6.2
IncarnateBrad Peyton20169 2.5No5.1
Jennifer's BodyKaryn Kusama20096twostar 2No5.1
OuijaStiles White201416fourstar 4No4.4
Ouija: Origin of EvilMike Flanagan201618fourstar 4No6.6
Paranormal ActivityOren Peli200710threeandahalfstar 3.5No6.3
Paranormal Activity 2Tod Williams201014threeandahalfstar 3.5No5.7
Paranormal Activity 3Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman201120fourstar 4No5.9
Paranormal Activity 4Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman201221fourstar 4No4.6
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost DimensionGregory Plotkin201529fourstar 4No4.6
Prince of DarknessJohn Carpenter19877twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.7
The Atticus InstituteChris Sparling201513threeandahalfstar 3.5No5.4
The Blackcoat's DaughterOsgood Perkins20153halfstar 0.5No5.3
The ConjuringJames Wan201312fourstar 4No7.5
The Conjuring 2James Wan201622fivestar 5No7.8
The Devil InsideWilliam Brent Bell20128twoandahalfstar 2.5No4.1
The Devil's CandySean Byrne20158twostar 2No6.7
The Exorcism of Emily RoseScott Derrickson20058twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.7
The ExorcistWilliam Friedkin197310oneandahalfstar 1.5No8.0
The Exorcist IIIWilliam Peter Blatty199011twoandahalfstar 2.5No6.3
The InnocentsJack Clayton19614halfstar 0.5No7.9
The Quiet OnesJohn Pogue201423fourstar 4No5.1
The Ring TwoHideo Nakata200511threestar 3No5.4
The RiteMikael Håfström20117 2Yes6.0
The Skeleton KeyIain Softley200511threestar 3No6.5
The Taking of Deborah LoganAdam Robitel201419threeandahalfstar 3.5Yes6.0
The VeilPhil Joanou201612threestar 3Yes4.7
The WailingNa Hong-jin20164One Star 1Yes7.6
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